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CALL. 15.03.2017 [PANEL 5 at EAA Maastricht 2017] Integrated Archaeological Approaches to Occupational Health in Past Societies - Maastricht (Netherlands)









LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: MECC Maastricht (Maastricht, Netherlands) 



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Session 109: Work smarter, not harder: Integrated Archaeological Approaches to Occupational Health in Past Societies
Occupational health is a major issue in the modern workplace with professionals and agencies specializing in keeping employees in good health and, subsequently, more productive. It is striking that according to health organizations, in the UK over half a million people are annually injured at work, with overall economic costs in the order of billions of pounds. It is reasonable to anticipate that occupational health was also a major issue in past societies; nevertheless, the health status of different categories of workers has rarely been the topic of systematic exploitation in archaeological contexts. Several studies have focused on the reconstruction of past activity patterns by means of osteological data and an extensive literature discusses past health and disease in different contexts, but not often in association with specific professions. The aim of this session is to introduce more systematically the key topic of occupational health in archaeological discussions by examining it in a multidisciplinary perspective. To this end, this session aims at considering different lines of evidence that provide insights to past occupational health and hazards and their impact on the individual and the broader society, such as written sources, artistic representations, bioarchaeological approaches of a macroscopic and microanalytical nature, and ethnoarchaeological accounts.

We are looking for papers that explore aspects of health in the working environment for different occupations in societies across time and space.

* Deadline for abstract submission for papers and posters: 15th of March (please visit the EAA conference website to submit your contribution -
For further information contact:
- Dr. Anita Radini, BioArCh, University of York, mail to:
- Dr. Efthymia Nikita, Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center, The Cyprus Institute, mail to: 



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