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Les émotions chez Platon / Emotions in Plato (I) -17/03/2017, Nanterre (France)

Joint Workshops in Ancient Theories of Soul and Knowledge. University of Edinburgh and Université Paris Nanterre.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 17/03/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Amphithéâtre, Bâtiment W Max Weber, University Paris Nanterre (Nanterre, France)


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From 9:00 : Welcome – Bâtiment W, Max Weber

9:30-10:15 : Invited Speaker : Christof Rapp (Universität München) : Aristotle’s definition and classification of the so-called „affections of the soul“

10:15-10:45 : Commentator : David Konstan (New York University) et discussion

10:45-11:00 : Coffee break

11:00-11h:5 : Karine Tordo-Rombaut (Lycée Bertholet, Annecy) : “Le dialogue des émotions dans le corpus platonicien”

11:45-12:30 : Chiara Militello (Università di Catania) : “Shame and Reason. The Cognitive Requirements of Aischynê according to Plato”

12:30-14:00 : Lunch Break


14:00-14:45 : Mariangela Esposito (University of Limerick) : “The emotions of beauty and Eros in Plato”

14:45-15:30 : Marta Jimenez (Emory College of Arts and Science) : “Plato on the Role of Anger in our Intellectual and Moral Development”

15:30-16:00 : Coffee break

16:00-16:45 : Naoya Iwata (University of Cambridge) : “The Generation of Desire: Plato’s Philebus and Timaeus”

16:45-17:30 : Myrthe Bartels (Universität Erfurt) : “Plato’s seasick steersman: on (not) being overwhelmed by emotions in Laws”

17:30-18:00 : Conclusions

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