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Boiotia and the Outside World. Boiotian international relations from the Bronze Age to the Imperial


This first Boiotian international conference to take place in Switzerland is linked with the SNSF project Old and New Powers devoted to Boiotian international relations (2014-2018). Traditionally Boiotian studies focus on the region itself and the Boiotian Confederacy, and for the first time both a research project and a conference aim to explore the relations Boiotia entertained with various foreign entities. Chronologically the conference will encompass periods well beyond those of the research project, as the Bronze Age will be taken into consideration, down to the Late Roman period. The conference is meant as an interdisciplinary enterprise, with papers pertaining to themes in History, Epigraphy and Archaeology. Topics include, among others, relations with neighbouring regions, borders, religion and sanctuaries, mythology, influence on local production of artefacts, as well as political and economic relations. One of the main appeals of the conference is that several papers focus on current and unpublished research, since the majority of delegates are involved in or lead major surveys, excavations, and epigraphic projects

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 07-08-09/06/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: MIS10 013, University of Fribourg, Fribourg (Switzerland)


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Wednesday 7 June 2017 , MIS10 013

16.00 Registration opens

16.30 Fabienne Marchand: Welcome

17.00 Inaugural Lecture followed by reception Hans Beck: Boiotia, inside out Vin d'honneur offert par l'État et la Ville de Fribourg, servi dans le Hall d'honneur (MIS01 1001)

Thursday 8 June 2017 MIS10 013

Panel I: Regional dynamics: the Boiotians and their neighbours

8.45 Albert Schachter: The Boiotians and their nearest neighbours

9.20 Sylvian Fachard: The Attic-Boeotian borders in the 6th and 5th centuries BCE

9.55 Roy van Wijk: Friends or Foes? The Athenians and Boiotians after the Persian Wars

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Denis Knoepfler: Athènes et la Confédération béotienne au IIIe siècle avant J.-C.: le témoignage des inscriptions attiques

11.35 Yannis Kalliontzis Le koinon béotien et la Locride orientale

12.10 Lunch

13.30 Emma Aston: Thessalian interest in the myth of Arne

14.05 Sam Gartland: Boiotia and Sikyon in the Archaic and Classical periods

14.40 Tea break

Panel II: Mycenaean Boiotia: elites and networks

15.00 Vassilis Aravantinos: Social Structure and Administration in Mycenaean Boiotia. Inside information and external feedback

15.35 Bryan Burns, for Brendan Burke and Alexandra Charami Interregional and international aspects of Mycenaean Eleon in Boeotia

16.10 Plenary discussion

17.30 Optional Visit of Museum Bible+Orient

19.00 Dinner for speakers

Friday 9 June 2017 MIS10 013

Panel III: The impact of war

8.45 Božidar Slapšak: title tbc

9.20 Christel Müller: La Béotie et Rome de la fin de la guerre mithridatique (86) à la formation de la province d’Achaïe (27)

10.00 Coffee break

Panel IV: Festivals and sanctuaries as mirrors of international relations

10.20 Sebastian Scharff: Bearers of hope. Agonistic answers to external criticism in Hellenistic Thebes

11.00 Fabienne Marchand: Foreign imprint on the religious landscape: Hellenistic kings and Boiotian sanctuaries 11.35 Paul Grigsby Patterns of Commemoration: Boiotian Dedications at Foreign Sanctuaries

12.15 Lunch

Panel V: Foreign impact on local productions: pottery and sculpture

13.30 Alexandra Charami Les influences des ateliers béotiens au cours de la période hellénistique

14.05 Margherita Bonanno Aravantinos The Hellenistic and Roman Funerary Stelai from Boiotia as expression of cultural and social identity

Panel VI: Economic relations

14.40 Isabelle Pernin: Les relations économiques de la cité de Thespies

15.15 Tea break

15.40 Philip Bes A Trail of Crumbs: Roman-Period Pottery From the Boeotia Survey

16.15 Closing Lecture John Bintliff: From Polis to Imperium: Proto-Capitalism and Globalisation in Hellenistic to Roman Boeotia

17.00 Plenary Discussion Conclusions and farewell

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