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CALL. 30.04.2017: 9th International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Arc




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Évora (Evora, Portugal)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: António Candeias (Chairman); Catarina Miguel ; Jorge Teixeira ; Nick Schiavon ; Peter Vandenabeele ; Rui Bordalo ; Sara Valadas ; Tânia Rosado

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After the last Congress success, we are happy to announce the 9th International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology, which will take place in Évora (Portugal) in 24-28 October 2017. The RAA conferences promote Raman spectroscopy and play an important role in the increasing field of its application in Art and Archaeology. This scientific meeting brings together studies from diverse areas and represents dedicated work on the use of Raman spectroscopy technique in connection to the fields of art history, history, archaeology, palaeontology, conservation and restoration, museology, degradation of cultural heritage, archaeometry, etc. Furthermore, the development of new instrumentation, especially for non-invasive measurements, has received a great attention in the past years. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference presents a unique opportunity for the exchange of information and promotes both collaborative and personal relationships amongst its participants. It provides first-hand opportunities to report advancements and innovations in a highly critical and stimulating environment. RAA 2017 participants should submit their abstracts via the online registration system ( for approval by the Scientific Committee. The deadline to submit the abstracts is Sunday 30th April 2015 (midnight GMT). Those received after this deadline will not be considered. A non-limitative list of topics includes the application of Raman spectroscopy in the fields of art, art history, history, archaeology, conservation and restoration, museology and others: - Material characterization and degradation processes (pigments, inks, plastic materials, photographic materials, gemstones, stones, precious stones, glass, ceramics, contemporary materials etc.) - Conservation issues affecting cultural heritage (decaying, corrosion, etc.) - Raman spectroscopy of biological and organic materials (resins, fibres, ancient organic compounds, etc.) - Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (dyes, organic pigments, etc.) - Chemometrics in Raman spectroscopy - Development of Raman techniques - New Raman instrumentation and applications in cultural heritage objects investigations - Raman spectroscopy in paleontology, paleoenvironment and archeology - Forensic applications in art and archaeology (e.g. forensic archeology, authentications procedures) - Other topics

RAA 2017 participants should submit their abstracts via the online registration system, for approval by the Scientific Committee. Abstracts should be sent before 30th April 2015. Those received after this deadline will not be considered. The author(s) presenting the abstracts must register and pay the registration fee by 30th September 2017 in order for the abstracts to be included in the RAA 2017 Conference programme and Book of Abstracts.

The Scientific Committee will decide whether the abstracts are accepted, and in which form they will be presented (as oral presentation or poster). The author's preference, as indicated on the entry form, will be considered, but the Scientific Committee reserves the right to final decision. The authors will be notified by email whether their abstract had been accepted no later than 30th May 2017.

The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of and consent to the content of the abstract before submission. The abstracts must be original and must not be or have been published or presented prior to the RAA 2017 conference. They must be submitted in English, exclusively via the online system of the RAA 2017 web page. Any other means of submission will not be accepted.


By submitting an abstract, the author explicitly expresses consent for the abstract to be published in the official RAA 2017 conference publication - online and in a printed book with an ISBN number.


RAA participants are invited to send one or two extended abstracts, which should be sent as a Microsoft Word file (format *.doc, .docx, .rtf). The text should not exceed 2 pages of A4 format - title, authors, affiliations, and figures (max 2) included.

When submitting, please indicate your preference for the type of abstract's presentation (oral presentation or poster). Oral abstract presentations will be limited to 15 minutes time plus 5 minutes for discussion. Once at the congress, all electronic material (presentations in .ppt, .pptx format) should be delivered to the designated download point in the morning before the start of the sessions (before your abstract presentation).

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