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Tappeh Sialk: The Glory of Ancient Kashan - 31/03/2017, London (England)

Tappeh Sialk, on the outskirts of modern Kashan, is arguably the most important archaeological site in Iran before the Achaemenid period, with occupation dating back over 8000 years to 6000 BC. Excavations here by Roman Ghirshman in 1933-1937, Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi in 1999-2004, and Hassan Fazeli Nashli in 2008-2009, have provided crucial evidence for prehistoric settlement in Iran and for the arrival of Iranian-speaking tribes in about 1200 BC. In spite of all this, the significance of Tappeh Sialk as a site that is crucial to our understanding of Ancient Iran is still not generally appreciated. To redress the balance, IHF is organising a one-day conference on Friday 31st March / 11th Farvardin 1396 at which there will be presentations on Tappeh Sialk by experts from around the world. The conference will finish with a forum which will discuss the significance of the site, future excavation strategy, how Sialk can be best protected and promoted in the future, and how it can be made better-known worldwide.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 31/03/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Asia House (London, England)


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Registration and coffee (09.00-09.30) Welcome Address (09.30-09.40) Session 1 09.40-11.30 Dr John Curtis (CEO, IHF) – ‘Introduction to Tappeh Sialk’ Prof. Hassan Fazeli Nashli (University of Tehran) – ‘The archaeological significance of the prehistoric village on Tepe Sialk North’ Dr Fereidoun Biglari (National Museum of Iran) – ‘Palaeolithic occupation in the Sialk region and the Late Neolithic chipped stone industry of the northern mound of Tappeh Sialk’ Dr Jebrael Nokandeh (Director, National Museum of Iran) – ‘Chalcolithic occupation on the western fringe of the Iranian central plateau: a review of Sialk III culture’ 11.30-12.00 Tea & coffee Session 2 12.00-1.15 Dr Nima Nezafati (Islamic Azad University, Tehran) – ‘Ancient Metallurgy at Tappeh Sialk: a Review’ Prof. Margareta Tengberg (CNRS) – ‘The bioarchaeology of Tappeh Sialk’ 1.15-2.30 Lunch Session 3 2.30-4.00 Prof. Barbara Helwing (University of Sydney) – ‘The place of Proto-Elamite Tappeh Sialk as a major hub of contact on the Iranian Plateau’ Dr Michael D. Danti (American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston) – ‘The connections between Tappeh Sialk and Hasanlu’ Mr Hossein Mahlouji (Bonyad-e Farhang-e Kashan) – ‘The work of the Kashan Cultural Heritage Foundation (Kashanica)’ 4.00-4.30 Tea & coffee Session 4 4.30-6.00 Mr Mohsen Javeri (University of Kashan) – ‘The present state of Tappeh Sialk and recommendations for its maintenance and preservation’ Forum Round table discussion involving Prof. Hassan Fazeli Nashli, Mr Mohsen Javeri, Mr Hossein Mahlouji and Dr Jebrael Nokandeh 6.00-7.30 Drinks reception

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