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5th ISLALS Conference: Literature Squared: Metaliterary Reflections in Late Antiquity - 06-07/10/2017, Salamanca (Spain)





The University of Chicago and the Oriental Institute have the honor to host the 10th International Congress of Hittitology, the triennial gathering of Hittitologists and Anatolianists. The meeting will be held in Chicago, USA, on August 28th-September 1st, 2017.


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 06-07/10/2017


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Jesús Hernández Lobato; Óscar Prieto Domínguez


INFO: web - -






Friday 6 October 2017



9.00     Registration. Palacio de Anaya: Aula Magna 

9.15    Opening. Welcome address by the Vice-Chancellor of Research and Technology Transfer of the University of Salamanca

9.45     Session 1: Self-(re)presentation of the author     Chair: H. S. Sivan 

L. Boshoff (University of Oxford), Reflections of the poet in Dracontius’ Hylas (Romul. 2) 

E. Castelnuovo (Università di Milano), Prudentius’ Cathemerinon and the self-presentation of a hymnodist 

M. J. Falcone (Friedrich Alexander Universität - Erlangen-Nürnberg), A poet and his fault: meta-literary hints in Dracontius’ Satisfactio 

11.00   Coffee/Tea 

11.30   Session 2: New trends in Late Antique Literature     Chair: J. Hernández Lobato 

H. Kaufmann (University of Oxford), Towards an Aesthetics of Unity in Late Latin Poetry 

L. M. Tissi (LabEx RESMED, Paris), The ‘Poetics of ainigma’ as a cultural Manifesto in late antique proems (IV-VI c. AD) 

W. Guast (University of Bristol), What can the paratexts to declamation tell us about late antique rhetoric? 

P. F. Sacchi (University of Ghent), Monstrous Grammars. Some Remarks on Erasure, Virgilius Grammaticus, the Liber monstrorum, and Flaubertian Stupidity 

13.00   Lunch 

14.30   Session 3: Self-awareness of the new Christian author      Chair: M. Formisano 

F. Hadjittofi (Universidade de Lisboa), Metapoetry in Nonnus’ Paraphrase of the Gospel according to John 

O. Prieto Domínguez (Universidad de Salamanca), Literary reflections in the hagiographical proems 

M. S. Rigo (Università di Roma–Sapienza), Re-writing Hagiography with the language of Homer: Eudocia Augusta’s De S. Cypriano 

B. Gibson (University of Liverpool), The Buildings of Procopius as Metaliterary Monument 

16.00   Coffee/Tea 

16.30   Session 4: Imperial politics through the mirror of literature      Chair: B. Gibson 

L. Niccolai (University of Cambridge), In blame of Constantine: Tracks of typology in Emperor Julian’s Caesars 

A. J. Quiroga Puertas (Universidad de Granada), The Poetics of Psógos in late antique Christian Historiography: the case of Socrates Scholasticus 

C. Roffi (Universität zu Köln), Vergil’s poetic in Late Antiquity: the elegiac component in the Historia Augusta 

18:00   Visit to the Historical Library of the University of Salamanca 



Saturday 7 October 2017


9.30     Session 5:  Late Antique biblical commentary tradition          Chair: E. Wolff 

B. van der Velden (University of Leiden), Rhetorical pagan and Christian exegesis 

H. S. Sivan (University of Kansas), Domesticating the Bible: Rabbinic Scriptural Dialectics 

B. de la Fuente Marina (Universidad de Salamanca), De Doctrina Christiana de San Agustín: dificultades hermenéuticas de un no traductor 

M. Formisano (University of Ghent), Jesus as Text. Juvencus’ Evangeliorum Libri IV 

11.00   Coffee/Tea 

11.30   Session 6: The sociological approach: reader and author in Late Antiquity 
                    Chair: H. Kaufmann 

C. Coombe (The Oratory School, Reading), Writers and readers in the epigrams of Luxorius 

A. Pelttari (University of Edinburgh), The Reader and the Resurrection in Prudentius 

B. P. Sowers (City University of New York), Ausonius’ Metaliterary Games: Self-Reflection in the Griphus and Technopaignion 

E. Wolff (Université de Paris-Nanterre), The discourse of the poets of the Latin Anthology of Vandal time on their epigrammatic production 

13.00   Lunch 

14.30   Session 7: Metaliterature and intertextuality in Late Antiquity     Chair: A. Pelttari 

J. Hernández Lobato (Universidad de Salamanca), Repetitaque mortis imago: Ausonius’ metaliterary reflections on the problem of representation 

M. Onorato (Università di Messina), Pinguia alabastra: metaliterature and intertextuality in Sidonius Apollinaris’ poems 

M. Neger (Universität Salzburg), Lascivire vetat mascula dictio: Metaliterary reflections on poems in late antique prose letters 

J. J Hartman (University of Washington), Creative Destruction: Metaliterary Meaning in Claudian’s De Raptu Proserpinae 

16.00   Coffee/Tea 

16.30   Session 8: Eros as a meta-poetical symbol       Chair: O. Prieto Domínguez 

S. D. Smith (Hofstra University), The Chaste Bee and the Promiscuous Bee in John of Gaza’s Ekphrasis and the Cycle of Agathias 

R. Moreno Soldevila (Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla), Love Motifs in Christian poets: A Paradoxical, Intriguing Dialogue 

B. Verhelst (University of Ghent), The meaning of Eros. Cupid’s arrows and poetic creativity in Late Antique poetry 

20.00   Conference Dinner 


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