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Divine Narratives in Ancient Greece and the ancient Near East - 03-04/07/2017, Oxford (England)

This conference will bring together Classicists and Assyriologists from Britain, Europe and America in order to foster informed interdisciplinarity in one of the most important and vibrant current debates in ancient scholarship: the interaction between the civilisations of the Near East and Archaic Greece. Though it is now well-established that early Greek literature was to some extent inspired by ancient Near Eastern models, the mechanisms and effects of cultural influence are still hotly debated. This conference hopes to promote a dynamic interface between the two fields, which are still too separate in their activities, and so prone to using isolated or out of date methods in their individual approaches to this common question.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-04/07/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Oxford (Oxford, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Johannes Haubold (University of Durham); Adrian Kelly (University of Oxford); Christopher Metcalf (University of Oxford).

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- Members of Oxford University: free

The London Centre for the Ancient Near East (LCANE) is offering a limited number of travel grants to research students at UK institutions wishing to attend the conference: interested students should apply directly to LCANE by sending a CV, a brief cover letter and details of travel costs to the chairman, Dr Mark Weeden ( Grants will be paid out after the conference is finished on receipt of a short report and evidence for payment of travel costs.The deadline for LCANE grant applications is 30 April 2017.


MONDAY, 3RD JULY 8.00–9.00 am: Registration c. 8.45 am: Welcome 9.00–10.15 am: First session (chair: Christopher Metcalf) 1. Johannes Haubold (Durham) ‘Divine Labour’ 2. Andrew George (SOAS) ‘Mythical Time in Mesopotamia’ 10.30–11.45 am: Second Session (chair: Christopher Metcalf) 3. Robert Rollinger (Innsbruck) ‘Fighting heroes and fighting gods: the Iliad and Ancient Near Eastern contexts’ 4. Mark Weeden (SOAS) ‘The scholar and the poet: Gilgamesh VI vs. Iliad V’ 12.00–12.40 pm: Third Session (chair: Christopher Metcalf) 5. Ruth Scodel (Michigan) ‘Heroes and Nephilim: Gods and sex with mortals’ 12.40–2.00 pm: Lunch 2.00–3.15 pm: Fourth Session (chair: Adrian Kelly) 6. Mary Bachvarova (Willamette) ‘The Hittite Background to Hecate's Appearance in Archaic Narratives: Evidence and Implications’ 7. Angus Bowie (Oxford) ‘Divine authority in Greece and the Near East’ 3.30–4.45 pm: Fifth Session (chair: Adrian Kelly) 8. Ian Rutherford (Reading) ‘Baal Sapon, Typhon and Seth: Myths and Politics in the Early Iron Age’ 9. Carolina Lopez-Ruiz (Ohio State) ‘Siting the gods: narrative, cult, and hybrid communities in the Iron Age Mediterranean’ 5.00 pm: Drinks reception (Ioannou Centre) 7.00 pm: Conference Dinner (Al-Shami) TUESDAY, 4TH JULY 9.00–10.15 am: Sixth Session (chair: Ian Rutherford) 10. Bernardo Ballesteros Petrella (Oxford) ‘Fashioning Pandora: Near Eastern creation scenes and Hesiod’ 11. Andre Lardinois (Nijmegen) ‘Playing with traditions: Deliberate Allusions to Near Eastern Myth in Hesiod’s Story of the Five Human Races’ 10.30–11.45 am: Seventh Session (chair: Ian Rutherford) 12. Yoram Cohen (Tel Aviv) ‘The World of Gods and Men: Animal and Plant Disputation Poems and Fables in Babylonia, Persia, and Greece’ 13. Bruno Currie (Oxford) ‘Etana in Greece’ 12.00–12.40 pm: Eighth Session (chair: Ian Rutherfored) 14. Sylvie Vanséveren (Brussels) ‘Comparison: significance and relevance of linguistic features’ 12.40–2.00 pm: Lunch 2.00–3.15 pm: Ninth Session (chair: Johannes Haubold) 15. Adrian Kelly (Oxford) ‘Gendering the Succession Myth in ancient Greece and the Near East’ 16. Christopher Metcalf (Oxford) ‘Tales of kings and cup-bearers in history and myth’ 3.30–4.10 pm: Tenth Session (chair: Johannes Haubold) 17. Fran Reynolds (Oxford) ‘Literature and Politics in Hellenistic Babylon’

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