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Imperial Rule in the Eyes of Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians -10-11-12/05/2017, Rome (Italy)

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 10-11-12/05/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ecole Française de Rome, Piazza Navona, Rome (Italy)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Katell Berthelot ; ERC project Judaism and Rome and the Ecole Française de Rome (EFR).


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Wednesday May 10th 9h Welcome and introduction 9h30-13h: Roman power at the center of the world 9h30-10h15 Greg Woolf (ICS London), "Rulers ruled. The aristocratic experience of Roman power in the metropolis" 10h15-11h Julien Dubouloz (Aix-Marseille University), "Le regard des Romains sur leur propre domination : l'exemplum de L. Quinctius Flamininus" 11h-11h30 Coffee break 11h30-12h15 Caroline Barron (CNRS, ICS London), "The (lost) Arch of Titus: the visibility and prominence of victory in Flavian Rome" 12h15-13h Sébastien Morlet (Paris IV Sorbonne), "Ce que peut l'Empire : les spécificités et les limites du pouvoir romain d'après l'Histoire ecclésiastique d'Eusèbe" 14h-17h30 Roman power as it was celebrated and experienced in the provinces 14h-14h45 Aitor Blanco-Pérez (CNRS), "EPINIKIA: Celebrating Roman Victory in the Eastern Provinces of the Empire" 14h45-15h30 Emmanuelle Rosso (Paris IV Sorbonne), "Cultes et représentations des concepts politiques romains dans les provinces hellénophones" 15h30-16h Coffee break 16h-16h45 Onno van Nijf (University of Groningen), "Experiencing Roman power at Greek contests: Romaia in the Greek festival network" 16h45-17h30 Elizabeth DePalma Digeser (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA), "Apollo, Christ and Mithras: Constantine in Gallia Belgica"

Thursday May 11th 9h-12h30 Roman power as it was experienced in the provinces (2): Jewish perspectives 9h-9h45 Christine Hayes (Yale University), "Roman Power through Rabbinic Eyes: Tragedy or Comedy?" 9h45-10h30 Seth Schwartz (Columbia University), "Did Roman Subjects Have an Internal History? The Case of the Jews" 10h30-11h Coffee break 11h-11h45 Natalie Dohrmann (University of Pennsylvania), "No Sense of an Ending: Imperialism, Self-Censorship, and the Rabbinic Library" 11h45-12h30 Markus Vinzent (King's College London / Erfurt), "Marcion and the Romanizing of Judaism" 13h45-18h The Critique of Roman power 13h45-14h30 Marie Roux (CNRS), "Animalizing the Romans: Animal metaphors used by ancient authors to criticize Roman power or its agents" 14h30-15h15 Myles Lavan (University of St Andrews), ""They create a desert and call it peace": Desolation, populousness and Roman power" 15h15-15h45 Coffee break 15h45-16h30 Katell Berthelot (CNRS), "Power and Piety: Roman and Jewish Perspectives" 16h30-17h15 Yael Wilfand (CNRS), "Alexander the Great in the Jerusalem Talmud: A Critique of Roman Power and Greed" 17h15-18h Nathanael J. Andrade (Binghamton University), "Romans and Iranians, Money and Religion: Experiences of Imperial Governance in Roman North Syria and Mesopotamia"

Friday May 12th 9h-13h Roman power: comparative perspectives 9h-9h45 Federico Russo (University of Vienna), "La dimensione universale dell'impero romano nella prospettiva storiografica di Polibio" 9h45-10h30 Jonathan Price (Tel Aviv University), "Structural weaknesses in Rome's power - Historians' views on Roman stasis" 10h30-11h Coffee break 11h-11h45 Nadav Sharon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Rome and the 'Four Empires' Scheme in Pre-Rabbinic Jewish Literature" 11h45-12h30 Hervé Inglebert (Paris Nanterre University), "Comparer Rome, Alexandre et Babylone : la question de l'exceptionnalité de l'empire de Rome d'Auguste à Augustin" 12h30-13h Final discussion

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