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From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic: themes in European Zooarchaeology -01-02-03/06/2017, Lisboa

In 2017, Simon’s book, "The Archaeology of Animals", will be 30 years old. To celebrate this anniversary and Simon’s significant contribution to archaeology we have decided to organize a conference to be held 1st-3rd June at the Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon, Portugal.

In this meeting we will want to cover any of the scientific themes that have been dear to Simon in his research career, from domestication to the evolution of animal husbandry, the archaeology of islands, the use of animals in rituals and many others.

The idea is to gather several of Simon's friends and colleagues for a bit of a celebration and scientific discussion.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 01-02-03/06/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Museu Nacional de História Natural e Ciência (Lisboa, Portugal)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Cleia Detry (Uniarq, Universidade de Lisboa) ; Umberto Albarella (University of Sheffield) ; Catarina Ginja (Cibio, Universidade do Porto) ;

Sónia Gabriel (Laboratório de Arqueociências – Direcção Geral do Património Cultural) ; João Tereso (Cibio, Universidade do Porto).

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INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE: 25€ ; Deadline: 30/04/2017 ; Document [EN - PT ]

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1st June -Thursday

Amphitheatre Laboratório Chimico

15h-16h Registration

16h-17h30 Opening Session

17h30-20h Reception

2nd June - Friday

Amphitheatre Valadares

9h-9h20 U. Albarella: From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic: Simon Davis’ exceptional contribution to the world of zooarchaeology

9h20-9h40 C. Pimenta et al. : How much is two decades? Reference collections and their contribution to Portuguese Archaeozoology

9h40-10h J. Zilhão : Did early Neolithic sheep have wings?

10h-10h20 Discussion

10h20-10h40 Coffee-Break

10h40-11h J.L. Cardoso: The hyena (Hyaena hyaena prisca De Serres 1828) of the Furninha Cave: history of a complex determination

11h-11h20 H. Greenfield: Shifts in butchering technology and practice during the Early Bronze Age: microscopic examination of butchering marks on animal bones at Tell Yarmouth, Israel

11h20-11.40 C. Costa: Dogs in the Chalcolithic: Osteometric characterization of Canis familiaris from Perdigões ditched enclosure

11h40-12h00 Discussion

12h20-14h Lunch

14h-14h20 A. M. Arruda: The astragalus bones and its archaeological contexts in the Iberian Peninsula. Significances, meanings and historical implications

14h20-14h40 S. Valenzuela: From Western Cowboys to Eastern Shepherds. Animal husbandry in Mauretania and Numidia in the first millennium BC and Roman times.

14h40-15h M. Moreno-García: Isolation or environmental adaptation? The dwarf Iron Age sheep from A Lanzada (Pontevedra, Spain)

15h-15h20 Discussion

15h20-15h40 Coffee-Break

15h40-16h T. Dayan & L. Sapir-Hen : Recovery and Analysis Techniques: 30 years later

16h-16h20 L. Martin et al. : The Complexities of Mammalian Body Size Change in Late Pleistocene to Holocene southern Levant, 35 years on

16h20-16h40 L. Lloveras: Taphonomy of carnivores: Understanding archaeological small prey accumulations

16h40-17h Discussion

20h Conference Dinner

3rd June – Saturday

Amphitheatre Valadares

9h20-9h40 S. Ikram: Pharaoh and His Minions: A Feast for All!

9h40-10h A. Hadjikoumis : The dawn of Medieval zooarchaeology in Cyprus? Human-animal interactions at a Late Cistercian monastery in Lefkosia

10h-10h20 Discussion

10h20-10h40 Coffee-Break

10h40-11h M. Masseti: The contribution of Arabic culture to the historic redefinition of the ecological equilibrium of the Mediterranean region

11h-11h20 M. J. Valente & C. Garcia: Food in times of conflict: zooarchaeology from Largo da Fortaleza in Medieval Cacela-a-Velha (Algarve, Portugal)

11h20-11.40 A. Morales : Iberian fisheries through time: a look from Archaeozoology

11h40-12h00 L. Llorente : Hawking around the male goshawk in Early Medieval Iberia

11h40-12h00 Discussion

12h20-14h Lunch

14h-14h20 E.M. Geigl et al. : Paleogenetics uncovers the taxonomic position of the enigmatic hydruntine

14h20-14h40 E. Svensson : Stronger together; how combining morphology and genetics can increase our understanding of ancient cattle husbandry

14h40-15h C. Ginja et al. : Simon and the DNA of ancient animals

15h-15h30 Final Session

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