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CALL. 01.08.2017: An Appetite for the Past - New York (USA)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: New York University (New York, USA)




The departments of Anthropology and Nutrition & Food studies, together with the Institute for the Study of the Ancient world are seeking academics and chefs to undertake collaborative research projects focused on food in the past. This endeavor will bring scholars of the ancient world and food specialists together to create and serve the fruits of their collaborative efforts to the NYU community. Specialists will work in teams composed of a chef and an archaeologist/historian who will cooperate on a research project focusing on food, to create a consumable final product. Our aim here is not to simply combine ingredients in a pot from a particular time and place. Instead, the nature of each team’s project will be one where collaboration between various specialists will provide for novel and concrete research perspectives. We aim to attract 6-8 teams comprised of 2-4 people, including chefs, academics and students. Examples of potential collaborations include: • An historian working with a professional chef to interpret an ancient recipe. • An archaeologist working with a chef to reconstruct a recipe from ingredients found at an archaeological site or derived from chemical residue analysis. • A chef and an archaeologist or historian working to identify past uses of indigenous or wild foods in local diets. • Scholars of the past interested in how to use an ancient tool or vessel teaming up with a chef investigating the development of processing and cooking techniques. • A chef, archaeologist, and nutritionist exploring how limited ingredients can be combined to create a varied and balanced cuisine. • A Zooarchaeologists, lithic specialists, nutritionist and chef teaming up to investigate whole animal utilization. • A Paleoethnobotanist, classicist and a chef working on the differing sensory perceptions of flavor. The endeavor will be comprised of three consecutive stages: 1) Meet and greet – We will commence with a reception session on Wednesday November 1st 2017. Specialist will be paired with counterparts with shared interests based on their proposals to explore research interests and opportunities for collaboration. 2) Workshop – Once the teams and their projects are finalized, a one day workshop will be held at the NYU kitchen laboratory during the spring semester. Ingredients and equipment will be provided. Teams will spend a full day working on their projects in the kitchen lab building up to their final project. 3) Symposium – Results will be presented and served at a final event in the Spring

• Travel costs will be covered for the second and third stages. Limited travel funds are available for the first stage. Interested specialists should submit a short 300 word abstract to detailing the proposed project and the need for a counterpart to work with. Deadline for submission is August 1st 2017. Decisions will be made by August 31st 2017.

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