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CALL. 03.08.2017: Transcending Time, Young Scholars of Archaeology Conference - Tel Aviv (Israel)





ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Bar Efrati; Alexandra Wrathall; Omer Ze'evi

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The Tel Aviv Institute of Archaeology is pleased to announce an up and coming conference, Transcending Time, Young Scholars in Archaeology, Israel.

The fifth instalment of the conference will be hosted by the Institute of Archaeology, and will take place Thursday November 2, 2017. Open to archaeological research from all periods, the conference is an opportunity for students from Israeli academic institutions, to present their complete/near-complete higher research.

The goal of the conference is to offer young scholars of a Masters or Doctorate research status, the opportunity to present their research in a public forum to fellow students, academics, and members of the wider Israeli public. The presentation will take the form of a 20-minute public speaking opportunity, with a 15-minute presentation (and 5 minutes for questions following). The conference language is English, and we request all accompanying power points and handouts also be supplied in English.

Frequently, academic conferences are structured to address specific time periods, archaeological/historical phenomenon, and methodologies. The goal of this conference is to connect and emphasise archaeological tools and perspectives from all periods, with speakers invited to present their research within periods from prehistory (2.6 ma) to the modern era (2017 CE). As students and scholars of archaeology, we aim to focus on the methods and approaches different fields have to offer one another. In doing so, we hope to explore the application of archaeological methods, techniques, and theories.

Those interested in submitting their papers for consideration may be able to do so from May 21th – August 3rd. Details regarding the application process and requirements are available below. Please complete the necessary fields and submit it to

Attendance at the conference is open to all students and members of the public. To learn more, contact conference organizers at

Research Application Criteria:

  • Research presented must be at an advanced stage of synthesis i.e. near completion/completed.

  • MA Applicants:

  • 2nd year/complete MA research

  • PhD Applicants:

  • 2nd year/3rd year PhD research/affiliated articles/research projects

Submission Criteria: Applicants must provide the following;

  • Length of research project to date: e.g. 1-2 years of active research

  • Research Type:

  • Central to thesis research e.g. thesis project

  • Periphery thesis research e.g. research associated with greater research projects.

  • Publication Status:

  • Pre-submission

  • Forthcoming

  • Submitted/Confirmed

  • Research Time Period (please also provide years/century):

  • Abstract (150-200wrds)

  • Contact Details:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Institution

  • Graduate Status

  • Advisor

We anticipate a productive conference, in which participants and audience members are able to converse and explore research from a range of ancient periods and methodologies.

We look forward to your potential submission,

Young Scholars of Archaeology Conference Committee,

Bar Efrati, Alexandra Wrathall, Omer Ze’evi

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