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CALL. 31.08.2017: Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World (19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology) - Koln, Bonn (Germany)










LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gürzenich Köln (Köln, Germany) - Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (Bonn, Germany)




INFO: web -




Starting on 15 May 2017 you can apply to present a paper. The call closes on the 31 August 2017.

You can apply to participate in one of the proposed panels or in one of the 12 sessions. For either, an abstract must be submitted for review (max. 1500 characters, including spaces). Each paper will be alloted 20 minutes.


Application for a panel: 


During the call for panels more than 100 panels were proposed. Some of those accepted have been designated as closed panels. In these cases, the papers of the session have been pre-approved by the panel organizers. If you are a speaker in a closed panel, you can upload your abstract via the conference management system Converia. 
If you are not already scheduled as a speaker, you can apply for one of the panels, labeled open panel. Please have a look at the list of panels first and note down the abbreviation of the selected panel. You can only apply for one of the panels. If necessary the organisation team of the congress will make a different assignment.    


Application for a session: 


If your proposed paper does not match one of the panels, you can apply to participate in one of the twelve open sessions. In these cases, the organization team will assign new panels and will accept paper proposals into them that are thematically related to at least three other proposed papers.


Rejected papers will be automatically considered for the poster session. Participation in the poster session is not obligatory.

The conference management system Converia will guide you through the submission process.


Application for a poster:


Starting on 15 May 2017 you can apply to present a poster in the poster session. The poster session will be held in Bonn on the third day of the congress (24 May 2018). 


A poster contribution will give you the possibility to present to a wider audience work that is in-progress or not yet published. Junior scientists are especially encouraged to present their research projects in this forum. A connection to the topic of the congress 'Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World' should be given, but it does not not need to match one of the twelve paper sessions.


In order to submit a poster proposal, an abstract is required (max. 1500 characters, including spaces). If your poster is accepted, you will receive additional information concerning the poster size and design at a later time.

The conference management system Converia will guide you through the submission process. 


Application for workshops:


Starting with 15 May 2017 the organizing commitee is accepting workshop proposals. The call closes on the 31 August 2017.


In parallel to the panel sessions there will be the opportunity to organize workshops on different topics and issues. Workshops are expected to be oriented more towards methodological and practical issues (for example, new measuring techniques, 3D documenting methods, computer-related applications, geophysics, archaeometry, etc.). They do not have to be directly linked to the congress’s theme. Each workshop will be allocated a maximum time slot of 2 hours.


To be considered, an abstract (max 1500 characters, including spaces) must be submitted.

The conference management system Converia will guide you through the submission process.

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