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Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi) - 23/06/2017, Sheffield (England)



The summer meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi) will be in Sheffield on Friday 23rd June, 2017.
All welcome. There is no charge. However, please, if possible, contact the organiser in advance because it helps us to plan for catering, etc..


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 23/06/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Room B23, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, England)




INFO: web -






9.30-10.00    Tea/Coffee

10.00-12.00    Reading Group Aristotle Rhetoric 2.3-4

12.00-1.00    Lunch (provided)
Department of Philosophy Room B23

1.00-2.15    “The feasibility of communal families in Plato’s Republic”: Jenny Bryan (Classics, Manchester).

2.15-3.00    “Theorem or Problem? Speusippus' and Menaechmus' contention on the right appellative for mathematical propositions”: Giulia De Cesaris (PhD Student, Durham)

3.00-3.30    Tea/Coffee

3.45-5.00    "Relativity, Indetermism and Atomism": Ugo Zilioli, (Postdoctoral fellow, Classics, Durham)

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