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Fragments: A Sharing Day -31/07/2017, London (England)

This is a day to explore the links between classics, cognitive science, and theatre practitioners, around the topic of fragmentation, both in terms of real fragments of texts, and in terms of how the human brain deals with fragmented information it receives, especially in terms of memory and perception. The aim is to make connections between disciplines and methodologies, and discuss the opportunities and challenges of this kind of collaboration.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 31/07/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: King’s College London (London, England)


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The event will consist of a series of open panel discussions, to which we welcome academics from a humanities or cognitive science background, practitioners interested in the artistic potential of academic ideas, and anyone else interested in talking about these ideas. The format of the day will be informal, but we hope to discuss the following topics:

- Working with lost stories. What is the dramatic potential of fragmentary texts? How do we tell these stories, and how do we deal with the issues that surround fragmentation?

- What can neurological pictures of the brain, and how it interprets fragmentary information, contribute to the way we tell these stories?

- Collaboration beyond the academy. What challenges do academics and practitioners face when they work together? What is each side looking for from the process?

- Funding and the knowledge exchange agenda.

There is no charge to attend the day, but pre-registration is essential, as places are limited.

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