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Confucius and Cicero, old ideas for a new world, new ideas for an old world - 05-06/09/2017, Torino (Italy)




Il convegno vedrà confrontarsi studiosi del pensiero orientale e occidentale in un'ottica comparativa ed esegetica, con una particolare attenzione al tema dell'humanita


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 05-06/09/2017


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Aula magna del Rettorato, Universitâ degli Studi di Torino (Torino, Italy)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici di Torino; IstitutoConfucio - Università di Torino, Seoul National University, SociétéInternationale des Amis de Cicéron.






5th September

9.00       Official presentation and introduction

               to the conference.


               Philippe Rousselot (SIAC)

               Andrea Balbo (Torino)

First session

Chair:     Ermanno Malaspina (Torino)

9.30       Keynote lecture 1

             Graham Parkes (Wien), Confucian, Stoic and Epicurean Philosophies as Parallel Ways of Life

10.30     Attilio Andreini (Venezia Ca’ Foscari), Was Confucius a Confucian? The Master between myth, history                and textual evidences

11.15     Pause

11.45     Yum Jungsam (INHA), Confucius and Xunzi 

12.30     Discussion

13.00     Lunch

Second session

Chair:     Andrea Balbo (Torino)

14.30     Keynote lecture 2

             Jean Louis Ferrary (EPHE Paris), Cicéron, politique romaine et philosophie grecque

15.30     Michele Ferrero (Beijing Foreign Studies University), The Latin translations of Confucius’                                  Dialogues (Lun Yu). A comparison of key concepts

16.15     Pause

16.45     Jaewhon Ahn (Korea) Is Confucius a Cicero Sinicus: focusing on Intorcetta’s Latin translation of                                                      <Chum Yum> .

17.30     Discussion




6th September

Third session

Chair:     Stefania Stafutti (Torino)

9.00       Keynote lecture 3

             Bai Tongdong (Fudan University, Shanghai), The Private and the Public in Confucius and Plato

10.00     Christian Høgel (Syddansk Universitet. Odense), Humanitas: Universalism,equivocation&basic criterion

10.45     Pause

11.15     Stephane Mercier (Institut d’Études Théologiques, Bruxelles), Becoming human: Confucius’ way to                    humanity (ren)

12.00     Yasunari Takada (SIAC, Tokyo), A comparative genealogy: Cicero’s De amicitia, Aelred of Riveault’s De              spirituali amicitia and  Matteo Ricci’s On friendship

12.45     Discussion

13.15     Lunch

Fourth session

Chair:     Jaewhon Ahn (Korea)

14.30     Stefania Stafutti (Torino), Be modest and avoid waistfulness: table manners and beyond from                          Confucius to Xi Jinping.

15.00     Kim Ki hoon (Seoul) Confucian xiao in Cicero’s pro Sexto Roscio

15.30     Pause

16.00     Keynote lecture 4

              Fritz-Heiner Mutschler (em. Technische Universität Dresden), Comparing Confucius and Cicero:

              Problems and Possibilities.

17.00 Discussion and end of the conference


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