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CALL. 01.09.2017: Quarries, Sculpture Workshops and the Position of Yesemek in Ancient Near East” -




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality KUDEB (Gaziantep, Turkey)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality KUDEB (Department of Protection, Implementation and Supervision)

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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality KUDEB (Department of Protection, Implementation and Supervision) is in preparation for a preliminary scientific study to take the extensive area of Yesemek stone quarry and sculpture workshop to be added in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Permanent List. Primarily the work will contain the following two steps: In the first stage, we deem it fit and prospect to evaluate this unique archaeological site within the Ancient Near Eastern context, since only then we would be able to determine its role as a source of art works supplying many of the surrounding urban centers with sculptures, statues, relieves and sphinxes. At this point we would kindly ask and encourage the scholars who are active in stone quarries and sculpture workshop in connection with Yesemek, and might have command of extensive knowledge about Yesemek’s position within the scope of the Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, i. e. quarries and sculpture workshops, to share their appreciated sagacity with us. You might do this whether by directly sending your work per e-mail to us or you might participate our workshop as stated in the second clause below and present it in the form of a lecture. The copyrights are subject to properly payment. In the second stage of the process we would like to invite you to a workshop “Quarries, Sculpture Workshops and the Position of Yesemek in Ancient Near East” which will be held by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Gaziantep University between the 7th and 9th of November, 2017. In case you are willing to participate we would be grateful if you could submit us the title of your contribution alongside a summary not longer than one page. The submission deadline is September 1th 2017. In case the number of the participants exceeds the given limitation, applicants will be closely evaluated by a scientific committee and will be a subject to selection. Notification of acceptance of the communications will be announced afterwards. The communications will be printed and the copy rights will be paid commensurately. The travel and accommodation expenses of the participants will be covered by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. One day of the workshop will be dedicated to visiting Yesemek and its surrounding areas while the next two days will be preserved to the scientific presentations and discussions. The definite schedule and program will be announced after the exact participants list is determined. We hope very much that you will find time for the sake of the preservation of this unique archaeological monument and we would be delighted to welcome you in Gaziantep. Finally, we would urge you to reply this invitation within the 15 days following this preliminary invitation letter.

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