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CALL.15.09.2017: Greek and Roman Pasts in the Long Second Century: The Intellectual Climate of Cassi


The Cassius Dio Network (2016-18) has combined historiographical, literary, and rhetorical analyses of Cassius Dio's career andworks to demonstrate that he was both an active, successful politician and an intellectually sophisticated historian and author. The Network has organized several conferences and seminars in the last two years, including “Cassius Dio the Historian: Methods and Approaches” (Odense, December 2016) and “Cassius Dio and Civil War” (Aalborg, October 2017).

The Network will host, as the final event of this series, a conference in May 2018 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Focussing on Dio’s literary characteristics and cultural context, the conference will situate Dio’s work at the intersection and culmination of a series of traditions and practices, including Thucydidean political historiography, the Roman annalistic and senatorial historical traditionsand the many components of the Second Sophistic.

Confirmed Keynote Speaker

David S. Potter (Francis W. Kelsey Collegiate Professor of Greek and Roman History and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Greek and Latin, University of Michigan)



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Banff (Alberta, Canada)




We invite scholars at all levels to submit abstracts for the conference on any topics relating to Dio Cassius’ thought, literary techniques, rhetorical agendas, generic identity, political views, or intellectualmilieu.

We welcome abstracts that, while not focussing primarily on Dio's text, illuminate the background from which his work emerged. Papers may be delivered in either English or French.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-Dio and his Classical/Atticist predecessors Plutarch, Appian, Arrian

-Greek civic life in the long second century Past and present in the High Empire

-Greek and Roman identities under the Empire Greeks and the senate

-2c-3c views of imperialism and expansion "Crisis and decline" in the 3c AD?

-Antonine-Severan dynastic change and continuity Dio as reader of Tacitus/Suetonius

-Latin or Greek as the empire's literary language? Belles-lettres and political critique

Abstracts of c.250 words, should be submitted to Colin Bailey ( and Adam Kemezis ( by 15 September, 2017.

Banff is a mountain resort in the Canadian Rockies offering spectacular scenery and first-class outdoor recreation opportunities. The Network undertakes to pay accommodation for its members: depending on funding applications, we hope also to provide plane fare for members and partial travel reimbursements for non-members.

All are encouraged to submit abstracts, with the understanding that funding circumstances may compel some to withdraw or attend remotely. A registration fee of C$120 (C$60 for network members and students) will include breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks on site. As with previous network events, we intend to assemble a conference volume to be considered for Brill’s Historiography of Rome and its Empire series.

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