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Rethinking Ancient Pharmacology: the transmission and interpretation of Galen's treatise On simp

An international workshop at the British School in Rome about the textual transmission and the interpretation of Galen's treatise On Simple Drugs.

Funded by a BA-Leverhulme Small Grant as part of the project Rethinking Ancient Pharmacology: Galen's Treatise On simple drugs (2017-2019).

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 22/09/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: British School at Rome (Rome, Italy)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dr. Caroline Petit; Dr. Matteo Martelli & Dr. Lucia Raggetti

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Introduction: Caroline Petit, Matteo Martelli, Lucia Raggetti

Session 1: Translation and Interpretation

Chair: tbc

-Peter N. Singer, ‘Powers of drugs and kinds of change: theoretical considerations in Galen's Simples’

-John M. Wilkins, ‘Flavour and 'humours' in Galen's pharmacology and nutrition’

Discussion Tea/coffee

Session 2: Greek & Latin sources

Chair: Vivian Nutton

-Caroline Petit ‘The Greek manuscripts of Galen’s On simple drugs’

-Stefania Fortuna ‘Niccolò da Reggio and his translation of Galen’s On simple drugs’



Session 3: From Greek to Syriac

Chair: tbc

-Siam Bhayro, ‘Galen’s Simples in Syriac’

-Robert Hawley & Irene Calà, ‘More data on Sergius of Reš ʿAynā’s translation techniques from Books VI-VIII of Galen’s Simples’

-Naima Afif, ‘On Simple Drugs: an in-depth study of the Syriac text of Book Nine’ Discussion


Session 4 : From Greek to Arabic

Chair: tbc

-Matteo Martelli & Lucia Raggetti, ‘Galen Through the Looking-glass and What We Found There: Experiences from a Graeco-Arabic Textual Laboratory’


Vivian Nutton: Conclusions

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