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The Scribal Mind: Textual Criticism in Antiquity - 21-22/09/2017, New York (NY, USA)




FECHA/DATE/DATA: 21-22/09/2017


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University (New York, NY, USA)


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Please note that separate registration is required for Day 1 (September 21st), Keynote Lecture (September 21st), and Day 2 (September 22nd).



Day One: Thursday, September 21, 11:45am-4:30pm


Panel 1: The Practice of Ancient Textual Criticism

"Imprimatur before the Printing Press"
Theo van den Hout (University of Chicago)

"‘Old-style writing’ vs. ‘The Script of Antiquity’: The Ordinary and Extraordinary Interpretations of the Han-period guwen 古文 Discoveries"
Adam Smith (University of Pennsylvania)

"Transcribing Authority: Leveraging Texts and Text Production in Galen"
Claire Bubb (ISAW, NYU)

"Monastic Oracles: The Ritualized Function of the Psalms in a Coptic Liturgical Manuscript from the White Monastery"
Stephen Davis (Yale University)

Respondent: Martin Kern (Princeton University)
Moderator: Roderick Campbell (ISAW, NYU)

Thursday, September 21 at 6:00pm

Keynote Lecture: The Art of Compilation
Karel van der Toorn, University of Amsterdam


Friday, September 22, 9:30am-5:00pm
Day Two: The Scribal Mind: Textual Criticism in Antiquity

Panel 2: The Culture of Ancient Textual Criticism

"Come Together: Collection Tablets and Scribal Composition"
Jay Crisostomo (University of Michigan)

"Copyists, Compilers, and Commentators: Constructing the Statutes and Ordinances of the Second Year and the Book of Submitted Doubtful Cases"
Anthony Barbieri-Low (University of California, Santa Barbara)

"The Fidelity of Slaves: Servility, Forensics, and the Reproduction of Text at Rome"
Joseph Howley (Columbia University)

Respondent: Daniel Fleming (NYU)
Moderator: David Ratzan (ISAW, NYU)

Panel 3: Ancient Textual Criticism in Society

"Who Cares about Textual Criticism (in New Kingdom Egypt)?"
Niv Allon (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

"The Shifting Spaces of the Text: Multimodality at Kuntillet ‘Ajrud and Ketef Hinnom"
Alice Mandell (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

"Scribal Minds and Scribal Acts: Textual Production and Religious Practices in South Asia"
Jason Neelis (Wilfred Laurier University)

Respondent: Jacco Dieleman (University of California, Los Angeles)
Moderator: Raffaella Cribiore (NYU)

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