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Ammianus Marcellinus: From Soldier to Author - 06-07-08/07/2018, Cork (Ireland)


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 06-07-08/07/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University College Cork (Cork, Ireland)




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Friday 6 July

Keynote I: (4.15-5.30)

Prof. G. Kelly: ‘Towards a New Edition of Ammianus Marcellinus’

Saturday 7 July

First Session: Ammianus’ Ethnographies (9.30-10.50)

9.30-10.10 A. Lampinen: ‘Ammianus’ ‘martial races’, ethnographic essentialism, and the survival of Rome’

10.10-10.50 C. Ferrari: ‘’The Seed and Origin of all the Ruin’: Framing Ammianus Marcellinus’ Description of the Huns’

Second Session: Ammianus’ Narrative Technique (11.10-1.10)

11.10-11.50 A. Ross: ‘Obsidionales Aerumnae: Ammianus’ Literary Use of Siege Scenes’

11.50-12.30 M. Marcos: ‘Swiftly Narrating the Emperor’s Journey to Sole Rule: Ammianus Marcellinus on Julian’s Balkan Itinerary in 361 CE’

12.30-1.10 F. Ferrara: ‘The Speech Before the Persian Campaign (XXXIII, 5.16-20)’

Third Session: A Changing Army (2.30-3.50)

2.30-3.10 Á. Sánchez-Ostiz: “Flagitia Disciplinae Castrensis: Military Licentiousness and Literary Devotion in Ammianus’ Res gestae”

3.10-3.50 J. Wijnendaele: ‘“A Sign of the Times” - Ammianus on Mallobaudes, domesticorum comitem, regemque francorum’

Keynote II: (4.30-5.45)

Prof J.W. Drijvers: ‘Ammianus on Leadership: The Case of the Emperor Jovian’

Sunday 8 July

Fourth Session: Ammianus and Xenophon (9.30-10.50)

9.30-10.10 C. Farrell: ‘Murder in Mesopotamia: Ammianus’ Julian and Xenophon’s Cyrus the Younger’

10.10-10.50 G. Williams: ‘Julian’s Persian Expedition as an Expression of Xenophon’s Anabasis’

Fifth Session: Ammianus and his Military Context (11.10-1.10)

11.10-11.50 C. Whately: ‘Ammianus on Roman Legions’

11.50-12.30 M. Emion: ‘Protectoria dignitas’

12.30-1.10 M. Wuk: ‘“Religionibus firmis iuramenta constricta!”: Ammianus and the Sacramentum Militare’

Keynote III: (2.30-3.30)

Dr. Philip Rance: ‘Mil(it)es Quondam: Ammianus Marcellinus and other Soldier-Writers’

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