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Greek Literary Criticism and Latin Texts: Connections and Interactions - 07-08/12/2017, Leiden (Neth

This conference will explore all possible kinds of connections and interactions between Greek literary criticism (Greek scholia, Philodemus, Dionysius, Longinus, Hermogenes, but also relevant works of Plutarch, Dio, Lucian, Aelius Aristides, etc.) and Latin literary theory and practice in poetry and prose. The conference aims to identify parallels, echoes, allusions, dialogues, and intertextual relationships.

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 07-08/12/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gravensteen Building, Leiden University (Leiden, Netherlands)


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Tasa de inscripción / registration fee / tassa di registrazione: 15€ al día / 15€ a day / 15€ per giorno



Thursday 7 December Venue: Gravensteen 1.11, Pieterskerkhof 6 9.00-9.30 Coffee and Registration

9.30-10.15 Casper de Jonge (Leiden University): Greek Literary Criticism and Latin Texts: Introduction 10.15-11.00 Adam Gitner (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften): How Not to Talk Like a Greek Critic: The Case of Horace's Ars 11.30-12.15 Alex Purves (UCLA): Body and Form in Horace and Greek Literary Criticism 12.15-13.00 Nancy Worman (Columbia University): Tragedy Fat and Thin 14.00-14.45 Malcolm Heath (University of Leeds): Cicero from Caecilius to Longinus 14.45-15.30 Caroline Bishop (Texas Tech University): Densior ille, hic copiosior: Bilingualism in the Demosthenes-Cicero Syncrises Keynote Lecture. Venue: Vossius Conference Room Leiden University Library, Witte Singel 27 16.00-17.00 Stephen Halliwell (University of St. Andrews): Longinus and Quintilian: Greco-Roman Perspectives on the Nature of Criticism 17.00-19.00 Drinks at the Faculty Club (Rapenburg 73) Friday 8 December Venue: Gravensteen 1.11, Pieterskerkhof 6 8.45-9.15 Coffee and Registration

9.15-10.00 Joseph Farrell (University of Pennsylvania): Apollonian Scholarship in Vergil and his Ancient Critics 10.00-10.45 Damien Nelis (Université de Genève): Parthenius the Go-Between 11.15-12.00 Verena Schulz (LMU München): The Voice of the Orator in Rhetorical Treatises: Greek vs. Latin Approaches 12.00-12.45 Christoph Leidl (Universität Heidelberg): The Language of Criticism: Imagery in Cicero's and Dionysius’ Literary Criticism 13.45-14.30 Steven Ooms (Leiden University): The Art of Composition in Rome: Cicero and Dionysius on Artistic Word Arrangement 14.30-15.15 Marianne Schippers (Leiden University): Dionysius and Quintilian on Imitation and Emulation 15.45-16.30 Judith Mossman (Coventry University): Code-Switching in Plutarch 16.30-17.15 Lawrence Kim (Trinity University, San Antonio): Classicism in Greek and Latin Literary Critics of the Trajanic Era 17.15-17.30 Closing Remarks 17.30-19.00 Drinks at Café De Keyzer (Kaiserstraat 2-4)

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