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Instinct and Desire, the Monster and the Machine in Western Literature from Antiquity to Modernity -23-24/11/2017, Gent (Belgium)





Keynote speakers:

·      Giulia Sissa (UCLA)

·      Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge)

·      Line Henriksen (University of Copenhagen)


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 23-24/11/2017


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ghent University (Gent, Belgium)







Thursday, 23 November 2017


13:00   Welcome and opening remarks


Section 1: Transformations of Sexuality in Pre-Modernity

13:15   Keynote 1: Giulia Sissa (Los Angeles/Paris): Nova corpora. Amorous Re-Embodiments in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

14:15 Coffee break

14:30   Chiara Thumiger (Berlin/Warwick): Astrology and Pathologised Sex: The Creation of Sexual Disorders in the Early Centuries of our Era .

15:15   Marco Formisano (Ghent): Masochism, Instinct, and Antiquity. Leopold von Sacher- Masoch’s Venus in Furs.

16:00   Coffee break


Section 2: Instinct and Desire in the 18th and 19th Centuries

16:15   Jan Vanvelk (Leuven): Economies of Instinct: Science Fiction and the Long Nineteenth Century

17:00   Anke Gilleir (Leuven): Female Sovereignty and Perverse Sexuality in 18th and 19th Centuries Literature

17:45  Coffee break

18:15   Keynote 2: Patricia Mac Cormack (Cambridge): How does the Humanimal Desire?

20:30   Dinner



Friday, 24 November 2017


Section 3: Pornography and Monstrous Sexuality in 20th Century Literature        

9:00    Karen Van Hove (Leuven): Pornographic Metamorphosis in Stories by C.C. Krijgelmans and Willem G. van Maanen

9:45     Gunther Martens (Ghent): On Automats and Affects in German Postwar Literature

10:30   Coffee break

10:45   Petra Bromaans (Groningen): Desire, sexuality and the Abominable Other in Kerstin       Ekman’s novels


Section 4: Science and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature and Film

11:30   Keynote 3: Line Henriksen (Copenhagen): In the Company of Ghosts

12:30   Lunch

13:30   Bart Eeckhout (Antwerpen): Queer Animals: Learning from Rebecca Brown’s The Dogs and Jaime Manrique’s Latin Moon in Manhattan

14:15   Marco Caracciolo (Ghent): Sex, Science, and Metaphor in Contemporary “Lab Lit”

15.00   Coffee break

15:15   Sophie Wennerscheid (Ghent): The Future of Desire. Representations of Man-Machine Intimate Relationships in Contemporary Science Fiction Literature and Film

16:00   concluding remarks


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