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Time and Chronology in Creation Narratives - 07-08-09/06/2018, Lampeter (Wales)




The stories told about the beginnings of the universe, of places, or of peoples explore how the unfamiliar space and time before us came to be the word in which we live now. Most give a clear explanation of how the space of our world came to be, but fewer of them give a clear explanation of how the chronological framework in which we live came into existence.


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 07-08-09/06/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Lampeter campus, University of Wales Trinity St David (Lampeter, Wales)



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-Alojamiento (por día)/ accommodation (per day)/alloggio (al giorno): £24.50


-Desayuno (por día)/ breakfast (per day)/prima colazione (al giorno): £6.60


- Cena de congreso (8 de junio)/conference dinner (8th June)/ cena della conferenza (8 giugno): £25


-Tasas de conferencia (staff)/conference fee (staff)/ tassa di conferenza (staff): £40


-Tasas de conferencia (estudiante)/ conference fee (student)/tassa di conferenza (studente): £20


-Tasas de conferencia (staff y estudiantes de UWTSD)/conference fee (UWTSD staff and students)/tassa di conferenza (staff e studenti): gratis/free/gratuito




Thursday 7th June

10 am – Registration opens

1.30-3.30 pm – Panel 1: Uses of Time in the Myth of Ages

Ruth Parkes - The Movement of Time in Claudian 
Jeffrey Ulrich - Cyclical Time and the Returning Golden Age on Roman Imperial Coinage 
Catherine Rozier - Chronology and Identity: Hesiod’s Myth of the Races

4-5.30 pm – Panel 2: Personified Time

Maria Pavlou - Time in the foundation myths of Pindar’s Olympian 10 and Pythian 4. 
Giorgio Campi - Chronos Apeiros: Zurvān and Zurvanism in pre-Sasanian Greek sources

5.30-6.30 pm – Reception

Friday 8th June

9-10.30 am – Panel 3: Time in Orphic Creation

Fiona Mitchell - Bodies as a Measures of Time in the Orphic Theogonies
Anna Furlan - The (Re)creative Figure of the Orphic Zeus

10.30-11 am – Tea and Coffee

11 am-1 pm – Panel 4: Greek Philosophy and Cyclical Time 

Christopher Star - The Greeks Are Always Young: Catastrophe and Chronology in Plato’s Late Dialogues
Chiara Ferella - The Chronography of Empedocles’ Cosmic Cycle 
Ondrej Krasa - Time and Creation in the Timaeus

1-2pm – Lunch

2-4pm – Panel 5: Time in the Creation Narratives of the Ancient Near East

Ivo Martins - Creation and Recreation: Linear and Cyclical time in Akkadian texts from the First Millennium B.C.E. 
Irene Plantholt - A Life Divine. Deities and Their Course of Life in Ancient Mesopotamian Creation Narratives 
Gina Konstanopoulos - The Shifting Topographies of Time in Mesopotamian Myth

4-4.30 pm – Tea and Coffee

4.30 pm – Keynote Address: 
Professor Duncan Kennedy - Time and Creation: Some Philosophical Perspectives

7pm – Conference Dinner

Saturday 9th June

9-10.30 am – Panel 6: Time in ancient Greek and Indian Narratives

Nick Allen - Rotation and temporality in some Indo-European mythologies
David Hodgekinson - Time, the Ages and Human Action: A Comparison of the Greco-Roman and Indian Approaches

10.30-11 am – Tea and Coffee

11 am-1 pm – Panel 7: Time and beginnings in Judeo-Christian texts

David Worsley - The Fall of Lucifer and the Beginning of Time 
Andrew Hopkins - Modifying Moses: The Demise of 19th Century Attempts to Harmonise the Genesis Creation Narrative with Geological Time and Chronology 


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