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CALL. 15.02.2018: [PANEL 5 at ASOR 2018] Approaches to Dress and the Body - Denver (CO, USA)


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LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO:  The Denver Marriott Tech Center, Denver (CO, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE:  Megan Cifarelli (Manhattanville College)


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Traces of practices relating to dress and the body are present in many ways in the archaeological, textual and visual records of the ancient world, from the physical remains of dressed bodies, to images depicting them, to texts describing such aspects as textile production and sumptuary customs. Previous scholarship has provided useful typological frameworks but has often viewed these objects as static trappings of status and gender. The goal of this session is to illuminate the dynamic role of dress and the body in the performance and construction of aspects of individual and social identity, and to encourage collaborative dialogue within the study of dress and the body in antiquity.

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