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4000 mille ans de disputes... - 15-16/02/2018, Genève (Switzerland)

At the University of Geneva a research project studies world’s oldest disputation literature written down in Sumerian language. The project aims at editing a group of 15 Sumerian disputation texts comprising precedence disputations, disputations between students and between women. As a conclusion of the project we organize an interdisciplinary conference from 15th to 16th February 2018 in Geneva with the objective to compare disputation literature in different cultures in order to better understand the oldest examples of this genre.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 15-16/02/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Geneva (Genève, Switzerland)





Jeudi 15 février (salle B002): L’Orient 9.00h Introduction 9.15h Catherine Mittermayer: “The Sumerian Disputations: The world’s oldest rhetorical exercise?” 10.00h Manuel Ceccarelli: “Sumerian School-Disputations: Subjects, Structure, Function & Context” 10.45h Pause café 11.00h Jana Matuszak: “,She was dumbstruck and took it to heart’. Form and Function of Insults in Sumerian Disputations between Women” 11.45h Enrique Jiménez: “The Sitz-im-Leben of Akkadian Disputation Poems” 12.30h Repas 14.30h Andréas Stauder: “Dialogues and Disputes in Ancient Egyptian Literature” 15.15h Asghar Seyed-Gohrab: The Rhetoric of Persian Verbal Contests: Innovation and Creativity in Debates between the Persians and the Arabs 16.00h Pause café 16.15h John Chaney: “Disputations, Court cases, Dialogues -- What do we find in the Chinese cultural sphere?” Vendredi 16 février (salle B002): L’Occident 9.00h Laetitia Tabard: “De la dispute des clercs au dialogue des acteurs : l’expansion du débat poétique en France à la fin du Moyen Âge” 9.45h Stefanie Kollmann-Obwegeser: “,jâ muoz ich diu wort sprechen, diu mir mîn herze brechen’ - Argu- mente und Verlauf des Streitgesprächs im ,Frauenbuch’ von Ulrich von Liechtenstein“ 10.30h Pause café 10.45h Thomas Honegger: “Owls, Nightingales, Cuckoos and other Feathered Disputants: the Genre of the Bird Debate in Middle English - with Special Focus on ‘The Owl and the Nightingale’” 11.30h Table ronde (avec Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann).

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