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Pride and Provinciality. Elites between Centre and Periphery - 19-20-21/03/2018, Halle (Germany)

Centres, peripheries and their differentiation are a long-standing topic in Late Roman and Early Medieval archaeology. Usually, the remote areas and frontier regions of the late Roman Empire and the Merovingian kingdoms were treated as peripheries. Beyond these realms though, the issue of the definition of centres and peripheries raises again. A welldeveloped infrastructure and strategically favourable, commercially advantageous locations have long facilitated the settlement of worldly and spiritual elites. Reciprocally, the residential seats of elites usually constituted the social centres of any given territories. In contrast to these, peripheral regions often developed a dynamic of their own. Is it possible to recognise mutual dependencies and spatial and social disparities? How do peripheral centres, e.g. in (and beyond) the Merovingian kingdom, represent themselves? How do elites beyond the heartland portray themselves? Does their material culture mirror the stylistic idiom of the centre or are conscious distinctions at work?

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 19-20-21/03/2018


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dr. Roland Prien; Anna Flückiger, M.A.; Dr. Michaela Helmbrecht; Alexandra Hilgner, M.A.; Dr. Christian Later

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