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CALL. 14.02.2018: [Panel 7 at SBL 2018] Contextual Biblical Interpretation Seminar - Helsinki (Finland)









LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: (Helsinki, Finland)




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The aim of this Seminar is to underline the significance of contextual interpretation and the contribution of contextual awareness to biblical studies. Issues of different strategies (including “inculturation,” inter(con)textualization, and reading with “ordinary” readers) and methodological justifications are to be seriously explored. We are especially interested in the “marginal” (from the geographical, gender, faith, class, age, communal and so forth) aspects of interpretation of the Bible.

Proposals are invited for 4 planned sessions: 1. On the Books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah. 2. On the Psalms. 3. On any books of the New Testament. 4. Since this is a joint Meeting with the EABS, 1-2 joint session(s) with the EABS research project group, 'The Bible in the 21st Century', is being planned and proposals invited, on the topic of Government, Ethics and Resistance: Case Studies in the HB and the NT. All sessions will be a combination of solicited and proposed papers.

We welcome papers that examine the biblical text from within a reader’s explicitly articulated context, personal as well as communal, while firmly anchored in clear methodology. Acceptance of papers for the sessions is a first step toward, but does not guarantee, publication in the ongoing contextual series Texts@Contexts (Now at
Bloomsbury Publishing; see
for the latest, and fifth, volume in the Hebrew Bible Texts@Contexs; a sixth volume, on the Five Scrolls, will be published in early 2018).

Please enter proposals into the SBL system by the due date, February 2018. For questions and queries please write to: Archie Lee (  or Athalya Brenner-Idan  (


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