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Anatolian Landscapes: Inhabiting Western Anatolia in Antiquity - 05-06/04/2018, Istanbul (Turkey)




FECHA/DATE/DATA: 05-06/04/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes, Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Baptiste Vergnaud (IFEA, Istanbul); Naomi Carless Unwin (Warwick University)



INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE: gratis / free / gratuito   Aquí/here/qui


PROGRAMA/PROGRAM/PROGRAMMA:  Disponible también en Word/ also available in Word/ anche available in Word


5-6 April 2018, IFEA Istanbul


Thursday 5 April


9.15-9.45             Registration

Tea and Coffee


9.45-10.00           Welcome Speech and Introduction


10.00-11.30        Session 1: Mythical and Cultic Landscapes

                               Chair: Catherine Draycott

                               10.00-10.30        Naomi Carless Unwin (Warwick University)

River deep, mountain high: cult and landscape in Anatolia

                               10.30-11.00        Alexander Herda (Humboldt University)

Lake Bafa at the foot of the Karian Latmos Mountains, Homer’s “Mountain of the Phthires”, the realm of the heroes Latmos, Endymion and Phthir

11.00-11.30         Valeria Sergueenkova (Cincinnati University) & Felipe Rojas (Brown University)

Being Mountain in Ancient Anatolia


11.30-12.00        Coffee Break


12.00-13.30        Session 2: Settled Landscapes

                               Chair: Kenan Eren

12.00-12.30        Turgut Saner and Ilgin Külekci (Istanbul Technical University)

Landscape and Living at Larisa (Buruncuk)

                               12.30-13.00        Elif Koparal (Hittite University – Çorum)

Ionian Landscapes: New evidence from the khorai of Klazomenai and Teos

                               13.00-13.30        Francis Prost (Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne University)

L’agora dans son environnement. Le paysage de l’agora d’Eurômos aux époques hellénistique et impériale


13.30-15.00        Lunch


15.00-16.30        Session 3: Political Landscapes

                               Chair: Francis Prost

14.30-15.00        Kenan Eren (Mimar Sinan University)

Integration of the religious landscape into the city space: Ionian sanctuaries during the 6th century BC

15.00-15.30         Catherine Draycott (Durham University)                                                          

Art and Landscapes of Empire: regional pictures of Achaemenid Anatolia and beyond

                               16.00-16.30        Christina Williamson (Groningen University)

Crowned Heights: Sacred Mountains and Developing Political Landscapes in Asia Minor             


16.00-16.30        Discussion



Friday 6 April


09.30-10.00        Tea and Coffee


10.00-11.00        Session 4: Fortified Landscapes

                               Chair: Turgut Saner

10.00-10.30        Baptiste Vergnaud (IFEA, Istanbul)

The Fortified landscape of Northern Caria in Antiquity

10.30-11.00        Seda Yenenturk (Bochum University)

Ancient Towers in Caria - a fortificational network or simply farmhouse towers?


11.00-11.30        Coffee Break


11.30-12.30        Session 5: Fortified Landscapes

                               Chair: Axel Frejman

11.30-12.00        Bernhard Ludwig (DAI, Istanbul)

Interaction, topography and territory: The Micro-Region Pergamon as a fortified landscape

12.00-12.30        Rostislav Oreshko (Warsaw University)

Heartland and fortresses of the land of Mira


12.30-13.30        Lunch


14.00-15.30        Session 6: Sacred Landscapes

                               Chair: Alexander Herda

14.00-14.30        Ipek Dağlı

The Rural Sacred Landscape of Pamphylia

                               14.30-15.00        Ireen Kowalleck

The sacred landscapes of Apollo in Ionia

                               15.00-15.30        Selin Onder (Istanbul University)

Two Coastal Oracular Shrines in Bithynia


15.30-16.00        Coffee Break


16.00-17.00        Session 7: Sacred Landscapes

                               Chair: Christina Williamson

                               16.00-16.30        Axel Frejman (Uppsala University)

Zeus, a landscape architect? Spatial planning at the sanctuary of Labraunda

                               16.30-17.00        Jan Köster (DAI, Istanbul)

Sight and Light. Spatial relations and illumination in the temple of Apollo at Didyma


17.00-17.30        Discussion


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