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CALL. 16.03.2018: International Symposium on stone in architecture and sculpture from the Bronze Age




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gaziantep University. Mavera Congress and Art Center (Gaziantep, Turkey)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Prof. Dr. Tamer GÖK ( Mersin University, ICOMOS National Committee of Turkey) ; Assoc. Prof. Dr. ERES (Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, ICOMOS National Committee of Turkey) ; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Timur DEMİR (Gaziantep University, Faculty of Architecture) ; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar ÖZGÜNER (Gaziantep University, Department of Archeology) ; Zafer OKUDUCU (Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep – Mayor’s Advisor) ; Namık DÖLENEKEN (Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep – Department of KUDEB) ; Gaye CANSUNAR YETKİN (Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep – Department of KUDEB) ; Ali KORKMAZ (Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep – Department of KUDEB)



The Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep has been preparing the dossier for nomination process of Yesemek Stone Quarry and Sculpture Workshop UNESCO World Heritage and executing/supporting a serial of scientific activities in this process. The Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep has completed the international symposium titled “Quarry Stones in the Ancient Near East, Sculpture Workshops and the Place of Yesemek” which was the first of such Scentific works concerning Yesemek Stone, and realized between 7th – 9th November of 2017 with of a large number of the international participant under the support of the Department of Architecture of Gaziantep University.

In the first symposium, important information was presented about Yesemek and the Stone Quarries and Sculpture Workshops in the near geography. It has been understood that it is compulsory to arrange a second symposium in this field where there are still many obscurities by providing a broader participation for the purpose of transferring the experiences about the applications in similar fields in different places of the world.

In this context, it is planned to arrange a second symposium in the subjects “the use of stone, the stone quarries, the rock monuments, the operation of stone quarries, the use of stone in architectural application, the methods of processing Stones in the time interval of the Bronze Age – Middle Age and the evaluation of such works as regards with the cultural heritage management, protection and conservation with the aim of forming the scientific references within the process extending so far from the past in our country and the world.

Asking you to participate in the symposium with your exhibits of paper and poster, we will feel honored to entertain you, the esteemed scientists, in our beautiful city.

Topic Headlines / Key Words:

Stone Quarries

Operation of Stone Quarries

Rock Monuments

Petrography and other Geochemical Analyses

Use of Natural Stones in Architecture

Use of Stone and Arts of Ornanement in Traditional Architecture

Protection of Stone and Rock Monuments

Ancient and Traditional Stone Proceessing

Management of Stone in terms of Cultural Heritage

Archeological Applications of Cultural Heritage Management

Paper Abstracts and Porter Presentations:

The abstracts should consist of at least 250 words. The abstracts should be written in one of Turkish, English, German and French languages. Five key words should be written in the bottom parts of the abstracts.

Poster presentations should be in A1 (594x840 mm) sizes, and should be prepared in of Turkish, English, German and French languages.

Calendar for the Symposium:

Announcement of the Symposium: 5th February 2018

Transmission of the Paper Abstracts to e-mail address March 2018

Explantion of the Paper Accepted: 30th March 2018

Transmission of the Poster Presentations to e-mail address 6th April 2018

Explanation of Poster Presentations: 20thApril 2018

Explanation of the Symposium Program: 23th April 2018

Date of the Symposium: 19th-20th-21st June 2018

Deadline of Sending the Last Publication for the Book of Paper: 2nd July 2018

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