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CALL. 31.03.2018: St Andrews Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy 2018: Teleology, Intelligence


Teleology plays a central role in both Plato’s and Aristotle’s philosophy. It is essential in particular for their cosmological views and their conceptions of intelligence (nous) and life. Besides our keynote speaker, also members of staff of the St Andrews philosophy and classics departments, Prof. Sarah Broadie, Barbara Sattler and Alex Long, will attend the conference. Keynote Speaker: Mary Louise Gill (Brown)

FECHA LÍMITE/DEADLINE/SCADENZA: 31/03/2018 [deadline extended]


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland)


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CALL: We are interested in a deeper understanding of both Plato’s and Aristotle’s approach to teleology in all their aspects and the principal differences between them. We invite graduate students and recent graduates, who have received their PhD degree after the 1st of March 2017, to submit high-quality papers on any topic related to teleology within the Platonic or Aristotelian tradition, broadly construed, in antiquity.

Papers must be no longer than 3500 words, including footnotes and an abstract of about 200 words and be submitted via EasyChair []. Papers must be prepared for blind reviewing and should be suitable for a presentation of ca. 30 minutes. Only one paper per student will be accepted.

11th of March 2018. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the 8th of April 2018.

The conference will take place in the beginning of June 2018 at the philosophy department of the University of St Andrews. Travel bursaries of up to £100 should be available for all speakers. We would be happy to arrange childcare for speakers who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference. Attendance is free of charge.

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