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CALL. 31.03.2018: [PANEL] AIAC-round table discussion. Diversity in the Past: diversity in the Prese




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gürzenich (Cologne, Italy) - Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University (Bonn, Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Eva Mol (Brown University); Lisa Lodwick (Oxford University)

INFO: call - eva_mol(at) -


In light of the dismay of many concerning the initial all-male keynote panel at AIAC2018, this session is aimed at discussing broader issues concerning diversity and intersectionality in the field of Greco-Roman archaeology. As archaeologists, we have made it one of our principal tasks to bring to the fore ‘the people without history’; women, slaves, the poor, the disabled, and show a more diverse image of the Greek and Roman past. Then why is this diversity not reflected in the discipline itself? The all-male panel we believe, is symptomatic of more fundamental problems that the discipline suffers from, concerning gender and its inseparably related issues of whiteness, class, and the ‘Classical’. The AIAC-session will be a meeting ground in which we can discuss how to approach matters of inequality and injustice in our field; at conferences in teaching, research and during fieldwork. This is not just a case of female representation; if we want to survive as a discipline, we must change in more fundamental ways. We therefore wish to initiate a constructive round table debate, addressing issues of inequality and discussing the future and viability of Greek and Roman archaeology. This session also intends to produce practical and structural proposals to be presented to the AIAC council, to prevent future imbalance.

We would like to invite people to participate in this discussion and address and share specific issues of imbalance, statistics, demographics, comparisons, and solutions to make Greek and Roman archaeology more accessible for a diverse group of people. We will create a round table with short 5 to 10 minute contributions by those who wish to participate as panel member, followed by discussion. If you wish to contribute, please send a title and a brief summary of discussion points to the emails below by the 31st of March.

The panel (12.10) will take place on Wednesday 23rd May 14:30-16:30

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