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Rituals and Magic in Ugarit: Practice, Contexts, and Meaning - 25-26-27/04/2018, Münster (Germany)




Rituals and magical practices were a central aspect of everyday life in the Ancient Near East and played a decisive role in all areas of life. They influenced the history and culture of Ugarit, as both textual and material remains evince. Highly educated specialists performed different rituals in the official state cult, but the life
and death of the plain people was likewise accompanied by magical and ritual activities. The conference “Rituals and Magic in Ugarit: Practice, Contexts, and Meaning” takes the diversity of these phenomena into account and surveys their social and cultural historical contexts.




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Münster (Münster, Germany)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The Old Testament Seminary(Evangelical-Theological Faculty) of the University of Münster; the Institute of the Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Archaeology.








Wednesday, 25. April

18:00     Opening lecture: Rituale und Magie im Alten Orient (N.P. Heeßel)

Thursday, 26. April
09:30     Introduction

10:00     ‘Magic’ and ‘Ritual’ in Ugarit: Methodological and
Definitional Remarks (P. Xella)
10:30     Der modus operandi altvorderasiatischer „magischer“ Rituale
aus religionswissenschaftlicher Perspektive“ (R. Schmitt)

11:00     Coffee break

11:30     The Magical Lives of the Gods (M. S. Smith)
12:00     Space and Ritual: Developments of the Ritual Space in Ugarit
and in Syria in the Middle and Late Bronze Age (C. Pappi)

12:30     Lunch

14:15     At the Service of the Gods at Ugarit (C. Roche-Hawley)

14:45     Between Scholarly Reference Manuals and Actual Practice:
Some Questions about how Magical Texts Were Used at Ugarit (R. Hawley)
15:15     La materia magica à Ougarit. Un ensemble d'objets du secteur
de la Ville Sud (V. Matoïan)

15:45     Coffee break

16:15     Die guten Götter sind zurück: der Forschungsstand von KTU
1.23 (P. Čech)
16:45     The Vine Ritual in KTU 1.23 in Light of Other Ugaritic and
Egyptian Sources (N. Ayali-Darshan)
17:15     Mehrköpfige Wesen aus Ugarit in ihrem altorientalischen
Kontext (C. Theis)

Friday, 27. April

09:30     Die Beschwörungen aus Ugarit im altorientalischen Kontext
(M. Krebernik)
10:00     The Ugaritic Impotency Cure RIH 78/20 and its Precursors in
Babylonian Medicine (G. J. Park)
10:30     Die Beschwörung KTU 1.114: Kontext und Interpretation (C. Steinberger)

11:00     Coffee break

11:30     Die Schlangenbeschwörung im Kontext des syrischen
Christentums und ihr altorientalischer Hintergrund (P. Júhas)
12:00     Hittite Rituals: An Overview (A. Mouton)

12:30     Lunch

14:15     Segen in Ugarit (R. S. Salo)
14:45     Ein Ritual zur Feier einer Königsinthronisation in Ugarit:
Zur Situierung von KTU 1.108 (H. Niehr)

15:15     Coffee break

15:45     Resümee und Abschluss der Tagung

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