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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity - 27-28-29/09/2018, Warsaw (Poland)






Confirmed key-note speakers we will have Luigi Canetti, Vincent Déroche, Stephanos Efthymiadis, Cynthia Hahn, Anne-Marie Helvétius, Xavier Lequeux, Maria Lidova, Julia Smith, Raymond Van Dam, and Ian Wood.


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 27-28-29/09/2018




ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Robert Wiśniewski ; The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity Project.


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INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE:   Aquí/here/qui   Gratis / Free / Gratuito



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THURSDAY, 27 September

14.00-14.30 – Registration/coffee

14.30-14.45 – Opening remarks

14.45-16.15 Visualising saints
Maria Lidova (University of Oxford): Placing martyrs in the Apse. Visual strategies for the promotion of saints in Late Antiquity
Robin Jensen (University of Notre Dame): Icons as relics: the role of the portrait in the early cult of saints
Luigi Canetti (Università di Bologna): Marks of glory. Material and immaterial traces of the divine between Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages

16.15-16.35 COFFEE BREAK

16.35-18.05 Material aspects
Julia Smith (University of Oxford): From material benefits to spiritual pledges (c. 400-900)
Cynhia Hahn (CUNY): Happy opportunity in the early cult of relics—reliquaries and shrines
Raymond Van Dam (University of Michigan) An environmental history of the cult of St. Martin

18.05-18.25 – COFFEE BREAK

18.25-19.00 – The Presbyters of the Late Antique West – launch of the database

19.00-19.30 – REFRESHMENTS


FRIDAY, 28 September


Stephanos Efthymiadis (Open University of Cyprus): The cult of saints in Constantinople (sixth-twelfth c.): some questions
Vincent Déroche (Centre d’Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance): Half forgotten saints: the abbots of the first centuries of Constantinople
Michał Pietranik (University of Warsaw): Emperor and sanctity at war: the case of Maurice (582-602)
Konstantin Klein (University of Bamberg): Wandering saints: the development of the cult of saints in Jerusalem and Constantinople

11.00-11.20 – COFFEE BREAK

Regions and migrations 1

Aaltje Hidding (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): From commemoration to martyr cult. Remembering the Great Persecution in late antique Egypt
Niklos Aleksidze (University of Oxford): Georgian sources for the study of the cult of saints in the Holy Land
Ian Wood (University of Leeds): The lives of episcopal saints in Gaul, c.470-550

12.50-14.15 – LUNCH BREAK

Regions and migrations 2

Olga Špehar (University of Belgrade): Tracing late antique cults and rituals in the central Balkans: art, architecture and written testimonies
Anna Lampadaridi (University of Oxford): The origins of Italo-Greek hagiography: the cult of Sicilian martyrs
Bryan Ward-Perkins (University of Oxford): Unity and diversity in the late antique cult of saints

15.45-16.05 – COFFEE BREAK

Specific saints
Efthymios Rizos (University of Oxford): Relationship between hagiography and institutions of Cult: remarks on the legends of Athenogenes of Pedachthoe and Julian of Cilicia
András Handl (KU Leuven): Invented, interwoven and interplayed: the evolution of the bishop-martyr Calixtus’ cult in late-antique Rome
Anna Salsano (la Sapienza, Rome): The Archangels Michael and Raphael in Coptic Acta Martyrum
Filippo Ronconi (EHESS, Paris): Sophronius of Jerusalem, Santa Passera, Santa Maria Antiqua and the beginning of the cult of Sts. Cyrus and John in Rome




SATURDAY, 29 September


Saints and senses
Xavier Lequeux (Société des Bollandistes): Des saints myroblytes
Martin Roch (Université de Genève): Significations et fonctions sociales de l’odeur suave des saints dans l’Antiquité tardive
Julia Doroszewska (University of Warsaw, CSLA Project): Apparitions of saints in late-antique literature

10.30-10.50 – COFFEE BREAK

Saints and monasteries
Anne-Marie Helvétius (Université Paris 8): Monasteries and the cult of the saints in Gaul, c. 400-700
Evanthia Nikolaidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): Conflicts among congregants and among monasteries: a demonstration of their cult and strong religious devotion to saints
Sergey Minov (University of Oxford, CSLA Project): Cult of saints and monastic collective memory in seventh-century Syria-Mesopotamia: the evidence of liturgical tradition of the Monastery of Qenneshre

11.20-11.40 COFFEE BREAK

Promotion and veneration
Marlena Whiting (University of Amsterdam): Gendering the cult of saints: female worshippers for female saints?
Arik Avdokhin (Moscow School of Economics): Miraculous hymns and devotion to Saints in Late Antiquity: a perspective from the Greek-speaking Mediterranean

12.40 – A very brief conclusion




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