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CALL. 01.05.2018: Non-Invasive Technologies (SESSION in 2018 ICAHM Annual Meeting) - Montalbano Elic



In the European Year of Cultural Heritage the 2018 ICAHM Annual Meeting will focus on the overriding need to develop a holistic and integrated approach to heritage management. The meeting will focus on six key themes that lie at the heart of current debates and concerns relating to different approaches and subjects all of which need to be mainstreamed into to archaeological heritage management.

"It must be an overriding principle that the gathering of information about the archaeological heritage should not destroy any more archaeological evidence than is necessary for the protection or scientific objectives of the investigation. Non-destructive techniques, aerial and ground survey, and sampling should therefore be encouraged wherever possible, in preference to total excavation." (ICAHM Lausanne Charter, 1990: Article 5)

In line with Article 5 of the World Heritage Convention and the ICOMOS- Lausanne Charter, non-invasive technologies have revolutionized the way we survey, investigate, maintain and conserve archaeological heritage. While traditional techniques remain of central importance, in many cases low-cost platforms, increasing availability of to data, and applicability of specialist software, have changed the relationship between technology and heritage practitioners.



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Medieval castle (Montalbano Elicona, Italy)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: William Megarry (session committee, Queens University Belfast); Till Sonneman (session committee, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg); Friedrich Lüth (session committee, German Archaeological Institute, DAI)

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This session will explore the application of remote and non-invasive technologies to cultural heritage sites and landscapes including (but not limited to) geophysical prospection, terrestrial and airborne laser scanning, imagery captured by unmanned aerial vehicles and its derivative models, airborne photography and imagery and data captured by satellite platforms. It is particularly interested in how non-invasive technologies can be used as decision support tools in heritage management, and how technologies can be used to address global challenges including climate and rapid landscape change, the damage or destruction of heritage due to conflict, and heritage monitoring in isolated parts of the world.

Non-Invasive Technologies will be approached as an across-cutting theme. Papers with will be assessed by a dedicated scientific panel and then assigned to themes accordingly.

Organised by ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) and the Municipality of Montalbano Elicona, we invite abstracts of 300 words to be submitted as soon as possible but at the latest by 1 May 2018.

Please submit your presentation abstract electronically with the electronic Submission Form (LINK). Your abstract must be 100-300 words in length and should be submitted before 1 May 2018.

The language of this conference is English. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication.

To ensure all authors will present at our meeting, we respectfully request that you register and pay conference fees prior to 1 July, 2018. Those not registered will be removed from our conference program to allow others the opportunity to present. We encourage everyone to register early, Early Bird Registrationfee prior to 15 May, 2018.

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