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CALL. 01.05.2018: V International Conference On Mythcriticism: Myth And Audiovisual Creation- Madrid

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FECHA CONGRESO/CONGRESS DATE/DATA CONGRESSO: 14-15-16-17-18-19-22-23-24-25-26/10/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares ; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid ; Universidad Francisco de Vitoria ; Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: José Manuel Losada (General Coordinator) ; Adrián García Vidal (Consultant Coordinator) ; Paloma Ortiz de Urbina (Organizer) ; José María Zamora (Organizer) ; Pablo López Raso (Organizer) - ACIS & GALATEA ; AMALTEA; IUCCRR ; ASTERIA

INFO: Registration form - web - (Panel 1) ; José María Zamora (Panel 2) (Panel 3) ; (Panel 4)


The digitalization of the last decades has caused a revolution in traditional artistic mediums (painting, sculpture, theater) and introduced new ones (video games, multimedia installations, performances).

In the four previous conferences, organized by Asteria, International Association of Mythcriticism, in collaboration with Amaltea, Journal of Mythcriticism, we have seen the difficulties in attempting to adapt myths to our contemporary society.

The V International Conference on Mythcriticism “Myth and Audiovisual Creation” will analyze the impact of myth in audiovisual creation from 1900 to the present day. The Conference will be organized in four universities during two weeks:

Germanic Myths (15 – 17 October, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares)

Nordic, anglosaxon and germanic myths: Odin, Thor, Freyja; nibelungs, elves, giants; Yggdrasil, Ragnarök, etc.

  • Reception in the fantastic genre.

  • Relevance of original soundtracks in the reception process.

  • Myth in germanic opera.

  • Animals and nature.

  • Audiovisual translation as mediator in reception.

  • Classical Myths (17 – 19 October, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

  • Classical Myths (17 – 19 October, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Classical Myths (17 – 19 October, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

The classical myths from Ancient Greece and Rome: Oedipus, Galatea, Prometheus, Perseo, Diana, etc.

  • Gods, heroes, and humans.

  • Rewriting of myths in modern fiction.

  • Subversion and deconstruction of classical myths.

  • Ancient myths related with Greece and Rome.

Biblical Myths (22 – 23 October, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)

Importance of biblical myths in Western culture: Genesis, Cain and Abel, Paradise, Apocalypsis, etc.

  • Transcendence and spirituality in contemporary art.

  • The Bible in film and television.

  • Video games inspired by religion.

  • Echos of the Bible in modern music.

Modern Myths (24 – 26 October, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Medieval, modern and contemporary myths: Faustus, Don Juan, Frankenstein, Dracula, the werewolf, etc.

  • Science fiction and space opera.

  • Mythical superheroes.

  • Mythical utopias and dystopias.

  • Comic, animation and manganime.

  • Mythical sincretism.

  • Other myths: oriental, precolombine, celtic and slave

Places and Dates

  • 1 December 2017 – 1 May 2018: submission of registration forms and abstracts.

  • 1 June 2018: notification of acceptance or refusal or proposals.

  • 1 – 15 June 2018: registration deadline and payment of fees.

  • 15 – 26 October 2018: Conference dates and venues.

  • Universidad de Alcalá: 15-17 October.

  • Universidad Autónoma: 17-19 October.

  • Universidad Francisco de Vitoria: 22-23 October.

  • Universidad Complutense: 24-26 Octobe


  • The languages of the Conference are Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

  • Each presentation can be given with complete academic and methodologic freedom. The only requirement is that the proposals respect the chronological framework of the Conference (old, medieval, modern and contemporary myths in literature and arts from 1900) and the audiovisual format chosen to study the myth (video games, film and plastic, musical and entertainment arts).

  • All proposals that do not fit within the framework of the Conference (myths in audiovisual creation from 1900 until the present day) will be rejected.

  • Presentations will last between 15-20 minutes.

About the Registration

The submission deadline for registration forms and abstracts is 1st of May, 2018.

You will have to send the registration form to the e-mail of the venue where you wish to registe

  • Those who wish to give a presentation during the Conference will send the registration form following the provided instructions. The participants will choose the university according to the myth that they will analyze.

  • Vacancies are limited.

  • The registration as a participant or as an attendant provides the following rights:

  • Attendance to all the activities of the Conference: presentations and plenary conferences by international speakers, concert, projection of various films and an exhibition in El Águila hall.

  • Folder with notebook, pen and rosette of the Conference.

  • Catalog with abstracts of all the communications, with ISBN and index of participants and myths.

  • Certificate with the title of presentation or certificate of attendance.

  • Acquisition of books with a discount (between 20 and 50%).

  • Free access to WiFi and computers in the faculties.

  • Voucher for 1 free meal in the restaurant of the faculty.

  • Daily snacks (coffee, tea, biscuits, etc.) and final open bar.

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