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Akkadian Historical Linguistics: on the occasion of John Huehnergard's retirement - 21-22/04/201

During his scholarly career, John Huehnergard has extensively worked on Akkadian and its dialects. Besides studies on Akkadian phonology, morphology, and syntax, he has written the standard teaching grammar used for introductory classes at many universities today. This conference, a tribute to his contribution to the field, gathers renown scholars from the US, Canada, and Europe who work on various aspects of Akkadian from a historical and comparative perspective and who reflect his broad interests. The conference will cover a wide range of topics relating to Akkadian Historical Linguistics, including lexicon, word order, syntax, language contact, numerals, and subgrouping.

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 21-22/04/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Austin, Austin (TX, USA)





Saturday April 21 8:45 Na’ama Pat-El: opening remarks 9:00 Sergey Loesov and Ilya Arkhipov: Babylonian Perfects 9:45 Leonid Kogan: The Basic Vocabulary of Akkadian: an Attempt at Diachronic Stratification 10:30 Paul-Alain Beaulieu: Word Order in the Late Babylonian Language of the Hellenistic Period 11:15 Jacob Jan de Ridder: Numerals and their derived nouns in Akkadian 12:00 Kathryn Slansky: Thoughts on the Creation of Humans, and One in Particular Sunday April 22 9:00 Øyvind Bjøru: Changing verb sequences in the epistolary corpus 9:45 Ambjörn Sjörs: Historical Aspects of the Use of the Subordinative in Oaths in Akkadian 10:30 Michael Streck: Akkadian Lexicography: New Discoveries 11:00 Martin Worthington: Assyrian conditional clauses 11:45 John Huehnergard: Response and Concluding Remarks

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