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An Appetite for the Past - 30/04/2018, New York (NY, USA)

This endeavor will bring scholars of the ancient world and food specialists together to create and serve the fruits of their collaborative efforts to the NYU community. Teams composed of chefs and scholars are cooperating on research projects focusing on food to study and create a consumable final product. The organizers' aim is not simply to combine ingredients in a pot from a particular time and place. Instead, the nature of each team’s project will be one in which collaboration between various specialists will provide for novel and concrete research perspectives. There are seven teams spanning the globe and countless millennia each working together on multi-disciplinary projects investigating complex social issues by addressing food and cuisine.

FECHA /DATE/DATA: 30/04/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institute for the Study in the Ancient World, New York University, New York (NY, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Yitzchak Jaffe (ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor); Kelila Jaffe (NYU Food Studies)

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1:00pm - Introduction and Opening Remarks Yitzchak Jaffe (ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor), Alexander Jones (Leon Levy Director, ISAW), and Kelila Jaffe (NYU Food Studies) 1:30pm - Scaling the Heights of Filial Gourmandism: Reconstructing the “Bake” (Bao 炮) Paul Nicholas Vogt (Indiana University) and Wai Hon Chu (Institute of Culinary Education and NYU) 2:00pm - Babylonian Cooking Agnete Lassen (Yale University), Pia Sörensen (Harvard University), Pia Sörensen (Harvard University), Gojko Barjamovic (Harvard University), Nawal Nasrallah (Culinary Historian, Author, and Chef), and Chelsea Graham (Yale University) 2:30pm - What Do Barbarians Eat? Food and Society at the Fringes of Bronze Age China Yitzchak Jaffe (ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor), Karine Taché (CUNY Queens College), and Raymond Childs (Chef, ISAW) 3:00pm - Fish Sauces at the Roman Table Sally Grainger (Independent Scholar), Cathy Kaufman (New York University), Alessandra Pecci (University of Barcelona), and Edward Biddulph (Oxford Archaeology) 3:30pm - Coffee Break 4:00pm - The Medieval Blancmage Amy Bentley (NYU Food Studies), Jennifer Berg (NYU Food Studies), and Ryan Harrington(NYU Food Studies) 4:30pm - Bygone Fish: Rediscovering the Red Sea Parrotfish as a Delicacy of Byzantine Cuisine Uri Jeremias (Chef and Founder, Uri Buri), Guy Bar-Oz (University of Haifa), Gil Gambash(University of Haifa), and Efraim Lev (University of Haifa) 5:00pm - Free of Tainting: Vegetarian Recipes from Benxin’s Studio in Song China Robban Toleno (Columbia University) and Amanda Cohen (Chef, Dirt Candy) 5:30pm - Comments and Discussion Roger Bagnall (ISAW), Pam Crabtree (NYU Anthropology), Krishnendu Ray (NYU Food Studies) The workshop is the result of the combined efforts of ISAW, the NYU Department of Anthropology, and the NYU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, with additional sponsorship from the NYU Center for Ancient Studies.

PLEASE NOTE: A tasting symposium requiring separate registration will take place on May 1st at the NYU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. Teams will prepare tastings of their collaborative research. Stations will be set up where each team will serve a sample of their food research product for attendees to consume. RSVP Required

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