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3rd Annual Conference of the RIAB Center "Re-Writing History by Destruction" - 14-15-16-17

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 14-15-16-17/05/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Bibliotheca Albertina, Lepzig University ; Akademie der Wissenschaften, Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The Minerva Center for the Relations between Israel and Aram in Biblical Times (RIAB)

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Day 1: Workshop Idumean Ostraca (Akademie der Wissenschaften Plenarsaal, Karl Tauchnitz Strasse) Chair: Bezalel Porten. Guests: André Lemaire, Michael Langlois, Ran Zadok, Ingo Kottsieper, Margaretha B. Folmer, Matt Kletzing, Andrew D. Gross 9:00 – Introductions and Welcome (A. Maeir (BIU); A. Berlejung (UL); B. Porten (HUJ)) 9:15-12.45 First Session (Philology) 9:15-9:30 Introductory (Bezalel Porten) 9:30-10:15 André Lemaire: Idumean Ostraca as Evidence for Local Imperial Administration 10:15-11:15 Philological Discussion (Questionnaire 1-6) 11:15-11:45 Coffee Break 11:45-12:15 Ran Zadok: Personal Names in the Ostraca 12:15-12:45 Michael Langlois: Visits to el-Kom and Maresha 12.45-14.00 Lunch break (Catering Buffet) 14.00-17.00 Second Session (Analysis) 14.00-15.30 Analytic (Questionnaire 7-12) 15.30-16.00 Coffee Break 16.00-17.00 Analytic (Questionnaire) 17:30 Reception at the Steindorf Museum 20.00 Dinner: Max Enk 15.5.2018 Day 2: Albertina 9:00 Welcome by the rector / dean Leipzig, greetings from the city of Leipzig (Dr. Gabriele Goldfuß) BIU and Proff. Aren Maeir, Angelika Berlejung 9:15-13:30 – 1st Session: Re-Writing History by Destruction of heritage: Syria and Jordan in Antiquity and today (chair – Johny Messo) 9:15-10:00: Emma Cunliffe: Heritage Destruction and Propaganda 10:00-10:45: Youssef Kanjou (Tübingen): The Causes of Syrian Heritage Destruction between the Past and the Present 10:45-11:30: Thomas Weber-Karyotakis (Amman): Destruction of Roman Marbles in Byzantine Gerasa/Jerash 11:30-12:00 Coffee Break 12:00-12:45: Witold Witakowski (Uppsala University): Arameans/Syriacs under the Muslim Arab dominion 12:45-13:30 Tessa Hofmann (Berlin): The Turkification of Turkey’s Christian heritage 13:30-14:30 Lunch in the Albertina (Cafe Alibi) 14:30-16:45 – 2nd Session: Re-Writing History by Destruction: Egypt (chair – Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert)

14:30-15:15: Simon Connor (New York): Defacing, killing, deactivating images in Ancient Egypt 15:15-16:00: Dietrich Raue (Leipzig): Renaissance in times of war 16:00-16:45: Lutz Popko (Leipzig): Methods of rewriting official history. The case of Ramses IV 16:45-17:15 Coffee Break 17:15-18:45–3rd Session: Re-Writing History by Destruction: Works in Progress (chair: Gunnar Lehmann)

17:15-17:45: Workshop 1: Vanessa Workman (Ramat Gan): Destruction of trade: Hazael and the Iron IIA metal crafts 17:45-18:15: Workshop 2: Shira Albaz (Ramat Gan): Foundation Deposits in Early Bronze Age Gath: Votive vessels and donkey burials in domestic contexts 18:15-18:45: Workshop 3: Hillel Mali (Ramat Gan): From Ritual to the Story of Ritual: the Influence of the Destruction of the Temple on the Ritual Writing of the First Century CE 19:00 Public lecture (chair: Angelika Berlejung): Nili Wazana (Jerusalem): The Real and Imagined Destruction of the Canaanite Cities 20:00 Dinner Max Enk 16.5.2018 Day 3: Albertina 9:00-11:15 – 4th Session: Re-Writing History by Destruction of images of Gods and Kings in Mesopotamia (Chair: Michael Streck)

9:00-9:45: Natalie May (Berlin): The Destruction of the Assyrian Capitals 9:45-10:30: Shana Zaia (Helsinki): Image Destruction and its Implications in the Neo-Assyrian Period

10:30-11:15: Hans-Peter Schaudig (Heidelberg): "Uprooting": A visual Element of Assyrian Imperialistic Propaganda

11:15-11:45 Coffee Break 11:45-13:15- 5th Session: Re-Writing History by Destruction: Assyrian destructions (chair: Esti Eshel)

11:45-12:30: Workshop 4: Igor Kreimerman (Jerusalem):Destruction – what is it good for? The role of violence against cities in the Assyrian military campaigns 12:30-13:15: Workshop 5: Aharon Tavgar (Ariel): The Assyrian conquest of Samaria - A longue durée perspective 13:15-14:30 Lunch in the Albertina (Cafe Alibi) 14:30-18:45 – 6th Session: Re-writing history by destruction: Ancient Israel and Judah (chair – Omer Sergi and Hannes Bezzel) 14:30-15:15: Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv): Judah between Two Destructions? Archaeological, Historical and Biblical Perspectives on "the Long 7th Century BCE" 15:15-16:00: Yuval Gadot (Tel Aviv): Visibility and invisibility: Political landscapes in Israel and Judah 16:00-16:30: Coffee Break 16:30-17:15: Assaf Kleiman (Tel Aviv): In Remembrance of Our City? Destruction, Memory and Political Transformations in Iron Age Hazor 17:15-18:00: Omer Sergi (Tel Aviv): Memories of the Cities of the Past: Tel Rehov and the Israelite Identity 18:00-18:45 Yigal Levin (Ramat Gan): Persian-Period Jerusalem in the Shadow of Destruction 19:00 Public lecture (chair: Aren Maeir): Ami Mazar (Jerusalem): Destructions: their identification, causes, and aftermath. Test cases from 49 years in the field 20:00 Dinner Max Enk 17.5.2018 Day 4: Albertina 9:00-12:15 – 7th Session: Reflections on Destruction and Loss in Prophetic and Poetic Literature (chair – Christian Frevel and Dalit Rom-Shiloni) 9:00-9:30: Christian Frevel (Bochum) and Dalit Rom-Shiloni (Tel Aviv): The direct and indirect impact of the temple destruction on literature – Introductory Remarks

9:30-10:15: David Garber (Atlanta): The Trace of Inter-Generational Trauma in the Composition History of Ezekiel. 10:15-10:45 Coffee Break 10:45-11:30: Bob Becking (Utrecht): Echoes in Time: the Perception of Jehojakin's Amnesty in Past and Present (2 Kings 25:27-30)

11:30-12:15: Friedhelm Hartenstein (München): The End of Judah and the Persistence of Cosmic Order: Understanding History in the Light of Creation in Psalms and Prophetic Books 12:15-13:30 Lunch in the Albertina (Cafe Alibi) 13:30-17:45 – 8th Session: Circumnavigating History: Isaiah's Response to the Temple Destruction (chair – Andreas Schüle)

13:30-14:15: Nathan MacDonald (Cambridge): Reconstituting the Priesthood after the Temple’s Destruction

14:15-15:00: Todd Hibbard (Detroit): The Missing Piece: Why First Isaiah Fails to Discuss the Temple’s Destruction. 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-16:15: Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer (Aberdeen): Continuity of Worship: The Portrayal of the Temple and its Cult in Isa 40-55'

16:15-17:00: Judith Gärtner (Rostock): "The heaven is my throne" (Isa 66:1) - the (different?) meanings of the temple in Trito-Isaiah

17:00-17:45: Workshop 6: Clemens Schneider (Leipzig): A Prophet Declares the Second Exodus? Searching for relations betweenIsa 40-52 and the Exodus tradition

Final Greeting Words and Informations about Publication (Angelika Berlejung/Aren Maeir) ca.

18.00 End of the Conference

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