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Heliodorus in New Contexts - 12-13/12/2018, Cambridge (England)

This conference focuses on the Aethiopica of Heliodorus, the last and most ambitious extant novel from antiquity. Topics covered will include the Aethiopica within traditions of art criticism, Byzantine and early modern reception of Heliodorus, the novel’s relationship with earlier narrative genres, and its place within a late antique context.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 17-18/05/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: St John’s College, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)




-Un día/one day/un giorno: £15

-Dos días/two days/ due giorni: £30

-Dos días (reducida)/two days (concession)/ due giorni (concessione): £25


DAY ONE (12/12/2018, Faculty of Classics)

10.45am coffee and welcome

11am Georg Danek (Vienna): 'Heliodorus and Longus', response: Ewen Bowie (Oxford)

11.45am Benedek Kruchio (Cambridge): 'Narratological intertexts: Heliodorus and the Homeric art of storytelling', response: Emma Greensmith (Cambridge)

12.30pm buffet lunch (Faculty of Classics)

2pm Ian Repath (Swansea): 'Heliodorus and Achilles Tatius', response: Simon Goldhill (Cambridge)

2.45pm Ondre Cikan (Vienna): 'The superior heroine: sexual symmetry in the Comnenian novels', response: Ingela Nilsson (Uppsala)

3.30pm coffee break

4pm Carrie Vout (Cambridge): 'Beyond ecphrasis: Heliodorus' visual culture’, response: Bill Owens (Ohio State)

4.45pm Emilio Capettini (Santa Barbara, CA): 'A vibrant text(ile): the tainia in Heliodorus' Aethiopica', response: Tim Whitmarsh (Cambridge)

5.30pm wine reception (Cast Gallery, Faculty of Classics)

7.30pm conference dinner (St John's College, Wordsworth Room)

DAY TWO (13/12/2018, St John's College, Old Divinity School, Lightfoot Room)

8.30am coffee

9am Ingela Nilsson (Uppsala) & Nikolaos Zagklas (Vienna): 'Narrative, rhetoric and 'drama' reconsidered: another look at Heliodorus in Byzantium', response: Richard Hunter (Cambridge)

9.45am Laurence Plazenet (Clermont-Auvergne): 'Heliodorus' novel: a forgery? reception and generic identification of the Aethiopica', response: Nina Braginskaya (Moscow)

10.30am coffee

11am Claire R. Jackson (Cambridge): 'Heliodorus and late antique concepts of fiction', response: Anna Athanasopoulou (Cambridge)

11.45am Jonas Grethlein (Heidelberg): 'Apate and its role in the Aethiopica', response: John Morgan (Swansea)

12.30pm closing discussion

1.30pm pub lunch

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