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The Dancing Floor of Ares II. Local Conflict and Regional Violence in Central Greece - 24/05/2018, Fribourg (Switzerland)




FECHA /DATE/ DATA: 24/05/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Room 01.02,  MIS08  Université de Fribourg Miséricorde (Fribourg, Switzerland)








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Morning Programme


08.45 Welcome & introduction Fabienne Marchand & Hans Beck


09.00 The End of a World: Local Violence and Regional Conflicts in Mycenaean Boeotia?. Laetitia Phialon (University of Fribourg / UMR 7041 ArScAn, Univ. Paris I, Univ. Paris Ouest)


09.45 Federalism and Local Violence: the Battle of Koroneia Revisited. Hans Beck (McGill University)


10.30 Break


11.00 The Liberation of Thebes (379 BC) as a Theban Revolution: Theban Politics as a Closed Framework Salvatore Tufano (Sapienza University of Rome / University of Fribourg)


11.45 Kai polemou kai eirēnēs: Military Magistrates at War and at Peace in Hellenistic Boiotia Alex McAuley (Cardiff University)


12.30 Lunch Break


Afternoon Programme


14.15 Genealogies and Violence. Central Greece in the Making Elena Franchi (University of Trento)


15.00 The Making of a Fetter of Greece: Chalcis in the Hellenistic Period Fabienne Marchand (University of Fribourg)


16.15 La guerre ou la paix? Pouvoir s’affronter sans violence. A propos de SEG XIII 327 (IG VII 187+188) Marcel Piérart (University of Fribourg)


17.00 Discussion & concluding remarks


This timetable will allow everyone to attend Prof. Angelos Chaniotis’ lecture, Graffiti and Entertainment: the Case of Aphrodisias, at 18.30, MIS03 3023.


20.30 Dinner for speakers and discussants


Discussant: Roy van Wijk


This workshop is part of the SNSF Old and New Powers Project and the Parochial Polis research Program and is generously sponsored by the University of Fribourg Fonds du Centenaire / Forschungsfonds


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