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When Gods Speak to Men: Divine Speech according to Textual Sources in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin - 14-15/06/2018, Lille (France)




The aim of this symposium is to bring together experts from various fields, namely History, History of Religion, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Palaeography, Linguistics, etc., in order to examine the diversity of divine speech as it is articulated and mediated. The contexts in which divine speech occurs will be examined, as well as its literary and material forms.


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 15/06/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: La Maison Des Chercheurs, Université Catholique de Lille (Lille, France)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Stéphanie Anthonioz (Catholic University of Lille); Alice Mouton (CNRS); Daniel Petit (ENS, EPHE Paris)

INFO: web

INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE:  Aquí/here/qui   Deadline: 05/06/2018 




PROGRAMA/PROGRAM/PROGRAMMA:  Disponible también en PDF/Also available in PDF/Anche disponibile in PDF


Thursday 14

 9h30                S. Anthonioz, D. Petit and A. Mouton: Welcoming speech

10h                  D. Lefèvre (Geneva Univ.): When the Egyptian gods speak. Divine speech in context

10h30              G. Selz (Vienna Univ.): "The word of the god is with him the throughout the day". Exploring divine speech and its functions for humans according to Sumerian sources

11h                  Coffee break

11h30              M. Nissinen (Helsinki Univ.): The Material Aspect of Prophecy

12h00              C. Roche-Hawley (CNRS): The Writing of the Gods in Ancient Mesopotamia

12h30              Lunch at the University restaurant

14h30              A. Mouton (CNRS): Divine Speech in Hittite Dreams 
15h00              A. Gilan (Tel Aviv Univ.): Divine Speech in Hittite Historical Texts

15h30              Coffee break

16h                  S. Anthonioz (Lille Univ.): Biblical Prophecy: Writing and Media Associated

16h30              E. Tracy (St Andrews Univ.): Divine Human Relational Dialogue

17h                  A. Venanzi (Sorbonne Univ.): Communicating with the Gods: the West Semitic Inscriptions

Evening free

Friday 15

9h30                C. le Feuvre (Sorbonne Univ.): Language of Gods and Cratylic Conceptions in Ancient Greek

10h00              M. Lesgourgues (Montreal Univ. & Paris X Univ.): Gods’ secretaries: on preserving oracles in the oracular Greek shrines during Hellenistic and Roman times

10h30              Coffee break

11h00              R. Loriol (Lyon Univ.): Divine Signs in Roman Narratives

11h30              E. Tigchelaar (Leuven Univ.): The Transformation of Divine Speech in Second Temple Judaism

12h00              Lunch at the University restaurant

14h00              A. Ohali (Paris III Univ.): The Daughter of God: The Feminine Identity of the Heavenly Voice in Ancient Rabbinic Literature

14h30              S. Varlik (Istanbul 29 Mayis Univ.): Revelation in Islamic Philosophy between Intellect and Imagination

15h00              Coffee break

15h30              J.-B. Lecuit (Lille Univ.): Divine Speech from the Dogmatic Point of View

16h00              S. Anthonioz, D. Petit and A. Mouton: Closing remarks


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