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Beyond Standards: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism - 13-14-15/09/2018,Cambridge (England)






Standards of ancient Greek have begun to receive more scholarly attention in recent years (e.g. Horrocks, 2007, Greek: a history of the language and its speakers; Silk and Geogakopoulou, 2009, Standard Languages and Language Standards: Greek past and present). Three varieties of ancient Greek emerged to become standards of the language: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism. Each does so in unique circumstances yet our understanding of the depth, variety and rules of these “standards” remains a work-in-progress, in need of joining traditional philology with new linguistic knowledge and methods.
Building on this interest and scholarship, our conference seeks to bring together scholars working on these varieties to explore new methodologies and approaches to these standards and to enable dialogue between those working on each of the three.
We seek, therefore, papers which approach any aspect of the Attic, Koiné and Atticist varieties of Greek from a linguistic, literary or historico-cultural angle. We especially welcome those researching with new or innovative methodologies and perspectives.



FECHA / DATE/DATA: 13-14-15/09/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)




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