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CALL. 31.07.2018: Ilias Latina, International Workshop - Erlangen (Germany)









The Ilias Latina has been one of the reference texts of the Homeric poem until the rediscovery of Greek in the West. After the richly commented edition by Scaffai (1997) and the translation in French with a brief commentary by Fry (2014), the aim of this international Workshop is to focus on this peculiar cultural product.


Confirmed invited speakers:

Anton BIERL (Basel), Caterina CARPINATO (Venezia), Maria J. FALCONE (Erlangen), Thomas GÄRTNER (Köln-Bonn), Gerlinde HUBER-REBENICH (Bern), Christiane REITZ (Rostock), Christoph SCHUBERT (Erlangen).


Public evening lecture:

Maurizio BETTINI (Siena), on the cultural meaning of translation






LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Erlangen (Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Maria Jennifer Falcone ; Christoph Schubert


INFO: ; 



We warmly encourage PhD students, Post-docs and early-career researchers to present papers of 20 minutes in length. Proposals may focus on one of the following topics:
a)metaphrastic devices and the comparison with the Greek model
b)the text and the manuscript tradition
c)the Ilias Latina in the literary context of the Neronian age
d)its reception, starting from Late Antiquity

We welcome abstracts of up to 350 words, to be submitted per email by July 31th 2018, including brief curriculum vitae.
Proposed workshop languages: English, Italian, German, and French.
A flat-rate reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses is offered.





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