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The Frightful and the Familiar: Exploring the Uncanny in the Ancient World - 02/08/2018, Liverpool (England)




Since its establishment as a fixed idea by Sigmund Freud in his 1919 essay Das Unheimliche, the concept of the Uncanny has been examined and developed by a range of thinkers and theorists from different fields, including Jacques Lacan and Julia Kristeva. This workshop aims to explore ancient conceptions and manifestations of the Uncanny and discuss the suitability of modern theories for use in this area of study.  We therefore welcome papers from PhD students from fields connected with any aspect of the ancient world which address ancient notions of the Uncanny. 


FECHA /DATE/DATA: 02/08/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Liverpool (Liverpool, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Elaine Sanderson (University of Liverpool)






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0945-1000: Registration & Welcome

1000-1100: Signifiers and the Uncanny

Thinking with Monsters

            Dr Henry Heitmann-Gordon (LMU Munich)

The Ambiguity of Eleusis in Eleusis: ‘Uncanny Gameplay’ in an ‘Ancient Videogame’

            Ross Clare (Liverpool)

1100-1115: Break (Coffee & Refreshments)

1115-1245: Uncanny Figures

Waking Nightmares: Circe and the Uncanny

            Katharine Mawford (Manchester)

Lycanthropy in the Ancient World

            Jordan Poole (Liverpool)

Medusa’s Gaze and the Uncanny

            Ivan Nenchev (Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik der Charité) & Benjamin Wilck (Humbolt)

1245-1345: Lunch

1345-1445: Rites, Rituals, and the Uncanny

Talking Heads: From Familiar Haruspicium to Unfamiliar Necromantia in Seneca’s Thyestes

            Maria Haley (Leeds)

Uncanny Rites: The Syncretism of Magical Practice and Mystery Cults in the Roman Novels

            Hannah Burke-Tomlinson (KCL) 

1445-1500: Break (Coffee & Refreshments)

1500-1630: The Uncanny in Epic

Nefas-tic Scenes from a Memory: Remembering Civil War in Lucan’s Bellum Civile

            Elaine Sanderson (Liverpool)

Passing to the Unknown: A Lacanian Approach to the Uncanny in Virgil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Metamorphoses

            Dr Eleni Ntanou (Manchester)

Enthusiastic Prophecy and Uncanny Prophets in Ancient Epics and Their Reception

            Dr Anactoria Clarke (KCL)


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