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CALL. 06.08.2018: ‘Her Public Voice’: Teen Girls and Young Women in Ancient Contexts (Panel at CAA 1


Below please find the details for a session that we are chairing at the annual College Art Association meeting that will be held in New York City from February 13-16, 2019.



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: New York Hilton Midtown, (New York, NY, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Barbara Mendoza (Santa Monica College). CAA 107th Annual Conference

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Revealing a person’s public voice in the ancient world is a largely uninvestigated topic. Often the study of women in art focuses on the representation of royal women or female deities; yet undoubtedly teen girls and young women existed and had a voice. Prior research on ‘children’ or ‘female sexuality’ in the art of the ancient world has already been discussed, but what of teen girls and/or young women do we know? Or can they tell us? What extant images do we have of them? What can these images tell us of their political, religious or public persona? For example, non-elite girls in ancient Egypt are sometimes represented in entertainment scenes of tomb paintings, either as dancing girls or servant girls. These are by far not the only contexts they appear in or appeared. Girls and young women played a large part in the advancement of skills and culture, such as making objects for their own use, playing a role in a deity’s cult, and the like. This panel seeks to explore the public voice of teen girls in ancient art, in form, content and context, as a critical approach to understanding their image in ancient art and culture. Scholars whose research focuses on pre-teen and/or teen girls, or young women from the ancient world (the ancient Near East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas) that can give these girls and young women a public voice are encouraged to submit proposals to this panel.

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