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Melammu-Workshop "At the Edges of Empires: Territories and Processes nearby and between Emerging Great Powers in Antiquity" - 30-31/08-01-02-03/09/2018, Changchun (China)





Rise and fall as well as all developments of empires and great powers have not only effects within the realm but also radiate to territories at the edge-zones and cause various processes, e.g. with regard to diplomatic policies, economy, social structures, legal and religious (ex-)changes etc. Particularly interesting are territories between two empires where one can observe multiple facets of actions, inter- and re-actions. The workshop will explore those processes in territories nearby and between empires and great powers via case-studies in Western and Eastern ancient civilizations and, in the tradition of the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (IHAC), will include the fields of Assyriology/Hittitology, Ancient Egypt, Classics as well as Chinese ancient civilizations, as well as a round table on the changes and challenges of comparative studies. Our excursion will lead the participants to one of such fringes nearby the conference location.



FECHA/DATE/DATA: 0-31/08-01-02-03/09/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (Jilin Province, China)



INFO: web - PDF






1.) Key-Note-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Josef Wiesehöfer (Univ. Kiel): Bactria between Iran and Turan: A Region at the Edges and in the Centre of Great Powers in Antiquity
2.) Dr. Kee-Hyun Ban (Korea University, Seoul): Armenia between Rome and Persia: The Christianization of the Kingdom of Armenia in a Geopolitical View
3.) Dr. Sebastian Fink (Univ. Helsinki): Changes in Ur III Border Regions – A Homemade Disaster?
4.) Dr. Huipeng Ge (IHAC, NENU, Changchun): The Development of Ancient Egyptian Boundary Stelae
5.) Prof. Dr. Sven Günther (IHAC, NENU, Changchun): Theoretical Remarks / Coin Circulation at the Edges of Empires
6.) Dr. Gina Konstantopoulos (Univ. Helsinki): The Use of the Sea as a Conceptual Border in Mesopotamia
7.) Prof. Dr. Simonetta Ponchia (Univ. Verona): The Eastern Border of Assyria and Babylonia
8.) Prof. Dr. Robert Rollinger (Univ. Innsbruck): Spatial Politics at the Edges of Empire: A Comparison between China and the Ancient Near East in the 1st Millennium BCE
9.) Prof. Dr. Kai Ruffing (Univ. Kassel): Economic Life on the Fringes of the Roman Empire
10.) Dr. Stefanie Schmidt (Univ. Basel): The End of Antiquity? Egypt between Byzantine and Muslim Empires
11.) Dr. Hendrikus van Wijlick (Peking University, Beijing): At the Edges of the Roman Empire: Antony and Parthia
12.) Dr. Xiang Wan (Xi’an Jiaotong University): The Silk Road: Routes between Empires, or between Edges of Empires?
13.) Prof. Dr. David A. Warburton (IHAC, NENU, Changchun): Frontier Studies Revived!
14.) Tong Wu, MA (IHAC, NENU, Changchun): A Passive World: Red Sea Barbarians in Diodorus’ Bibliotheca Historica


30.8. (Thu)
8:00-9:00: Opening Ceremony 
(Chair: Prof. Zhang, Representative of University, Prof. Günther) 
9:00-10:00: Keynote-Lecture by Prof. Wiesehöfer
10:00-10:15: Tea Break
10:15-11:45: Panel I: “Borders and Communication in the Ancient Near East” (3 speakers: Konstantopoulos, Fink, Ponchia) (Chair: Prof. Rollinger)
11:45-12:00: Walk to Lunch
12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-15:00: Panel II: “Conflicts and Exchange in Entangled Areas”  (3 speakers: van Wijlick, Günther, Ban) (Chair: Prof. Wiesehöfer)
15:00-15:15: Tea Break
15:20-17:00: Panel III: “Political and Economic Contacts” (3 speakers: Rollinger, Ruffing, Wan) (Chair: Prof. Günther)
18:00: Conference Dinner


31.8. (Fr)
8:00: Check-out Hotel
8:15-9:30: Panel IV: “Ancient Egypt as Entangled Area” (2 speakers: Ge, Schmidt) (Chair: Prof. Ruffing)
9:30-9:45: Tea Break
9:45-10:45: Panel V: “Ancient and Modern Conceptions of Borders, Civilizations and Empires” (2 speakers: Wu, Warburton) (Chair: Prof. Ponchia)
10:45-11:45: Round Table “Comparative Studies”
11:45-12:30: Lunch Break
12:45: Coach to Ji’an / Excursion


01.09.-02.09.: Excursion to Archaeological Sites in Jilin Province



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