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Tonal Systems& Music Notation in Mesopotamian and related Cultures - 20-21-22/09/2018, Würzburg (Germany)



FECHA /DATE/DATA: 20-21-22/09/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO:  University of Würzburg (Würzburg, Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dahlia Shehata (Würzburg); Stefan Hagel (Wien)

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Thursday, September 20th 


14:00 Introduction: Stefan Hagel / Dahlia Shehata

1st Panel Understanding ‘music’ in terms of instruments

14:30 Ricardo Eichmann (Berlin): What does the study of ancient Egyptian Lutes (Pharaonic and Coptic period) contribute to the reconstruction of musical scales and intervals?

15:00 Barnaby Brown & Stef Connor (Cambridge): Instrument scales and musical scales: interpreting doublepipe finds from Ur, Poseidonia and Pydna

16:00 Jay Rahn (Toronto): Tuning by ear in antiquity: Acoustics of plucked strings and closed pipes     

16:30 Yasemin Gökpınar (Frankfurt): Some notes on woodwind instruments in al-Fārābī’s Kitāb al-Mūsīqī al-kabīr


Friday, September 21st 


2nd Panel  Understanding ‘music’ in terms of notation

09:30 Andreas Haug (Würzburg): Introductory remarks concerning the ‘notation’ of ‘music’ in pre-modern textual cultures

10:00 Jürgen Ruck & Hansjörg Ewert (Würzburg): Reading music - fingered text 

11:00 Ulrike-Rebekka Nieten (Berlin): The notation of the Syriac-Aramaic accents and their influence upon the Jewish-, Samaritan- and Ethiopic musical tradition

11:30 Sam Mirelman (London): The rhetorical function of Late Babylonian performative indications 


3rd Panel Understanding ‘musical’ conceptions of the Ancient Near East

14:00 Stefan Hagel (Wien): Cyclic centricity, Hellenocentricity or what to centre on?

14:30 Richard Dumbrill (London): Tonal morphology in the Ancient Near-East: Interval polarity; linearity and cyclicity

15:00 John Franklin & Sara de Rose (Vermont): Examination of Sara de Rose’s proposed link between CBS 1776 and UET VII 74

16:00 Jerome Colburn (Champaign): New Views of RŠ h. 6: Text, interpretation, and musical setting

16:30 Thomas Richter (Frankfurt): Die hurritischen 'Musik-Texte' aus Ugarit – 50 Jahre später


Saturday, September 22nd  


4th Panel Understanding past ‘musics’ as a historical process

09:30 Dahlia Shehata (Würzburg): Mesopotamia’s tonality and ‘music notation’ systems: Surveying beginnings, developments, and historical distribution

10:00 Salah Eddin Maraqa (Münster): Western notation and changes in modal structure in the eastern Arab world 

10:30 Jacob Olley (Münster): Changes in the tonal system of Ottoman music as reflected in notated manuscripts, ca. 1700–1900 


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