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Anabases in Antiquity and Beyond. Xenophon's Anabasis and its Legacy - 19-20-21/10/2018, Herakl

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 19-20-21/10/2018

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Heraklion, Greece)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Nikos Miltsios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) ; Tim Rood (Oxford University) ; Melina Tamiolaki (University of Crete)




Friday, October 19, 2018

15.30: Greeting from the Region of Crete 15.40: Greeting from the Vice-Rector, Konstantinos Spanoudakis 15.50: Welcome (Melina Tamiolaki)

First session (Chair: Lucia Athanassaki) 16.00-16.30 John Dillery (University of Virginia): Xenophon’s Anabasis and its Contexts 16.30-17.00 Gabriel Danzig (Bar-Ilan University): The portrait of Cyrus in Anabasis: Literary Strategies and Aims 17.00-17.20 Discussion

17.20-17.45 Coffee Break

Second session (Chair: Paul Demont) 17.45-18.15 David Thomas (Independent Scholar): The Very Model of a Modern Mercenary Commander: Xenophon’s Woes in Thrace 18.15-18.45 Shane Brennan (American University in Dubai) and Christopher Tuplin (University of Liverpool): Another View of Mount Theches. Report on a Recent Visit to the Eastern Black Mountains 18.45-19.15 Discussion

19.30 Welcome Reception

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Third session (Chair: Christopher Tuplin)

9.00-9.30 Roberto Nicolai (University of Rome, La Sapienza): The Rhetoric of the Others in Xenophon’s Anabasis 9.30-10.00 Antonis Tsakmakis (University of Cyprus): The Human Body in Xenophon’s Anabasis 10.00-10.30 Sarah Brown Ferrario (Catholic University of America): Rumor and Misrepresentation in Xenophon’s Anabasis 10.30-11.00 Discussion

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break

Fourth session (Chair: Louis-André Dorion) 11.15-11.45 Paul Demont (University of Paris-Sorbonne): Philia in the Anabasis 11.45-12.15 Emily Baragwanath (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Ethnicity, Culture, Friendship: Depicting Greeks and Foreigners through Rhetoric in Anabasis 5.

12.15-12.45 Discussion

13.00-14.00 Lunch Break

Fifth session (Chair: Roberto Nicolai) 15.00-15.30 Louis-André Dorion (University of Montreal): The Reception of Xenophon’s Meeting with Socrates 15.30-16.00 Luuk Huitink (University of Leiden): Νομοθέτης ἀττικισμοῦ? An Attempt to Reconstruct the Ancient Debate about Xenophon’s Language (with Emphasis on Xenophon’s Anabasis) 16.00-16.30 Vassileios Liotsakis (University of Heidelberg): Between Imitatio and Emulatio: Xenophon in Arrian's Anabasis of Alexander. 16.30-17.00 Discussion

17.00-17.15 Coffee Break

Sixth session (Chair: Gabriel Danzig) 17.15-17.45 Nikos Miltsios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): Xenophon and Arrian: Aspects of Leadership in their Anabases 17.45-18.15 Estelle Strazdins (Cambridge University): Arrian, Xenophontic Space, and Literary Authority: Anabasis as Monument 18.15-18.45 Bogdan Burliga (University of Gdansk): Rethinking Arrian' s Second Preface to the Anabasis, 1.12.5. 18.45-19.15 Discussion

20.30 Conference Dinner (Restaurant Parasies)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Seventh session (Chair: Tim Rood) 9:00-9.30 Ewen Bowie (Oxford University): The Anabaseis of Callirhoe, Apollonius and Charicleia 9.30-10.00 Luke Pitcher (Oxford University): Scillus and After: The Historian’s Retreat in Later Literature 10.00-10.30 Pierre Pontier (University of Paris-Sorbonne): Xenophon’s Anabasis and Voltaire 10.30-11.00 Discussion

11:00-11.15 Coffee Break

Eighth session (Chair: John Dillery)

11.15-11.45 Panayiota Mini (University of Crete): Xenophon’s Anabasis in American Cinema: Walter Hill’s The Warriors (1979) 11.45-12.15 Tim Rood (Oxford University): Anabasis Illustrated 12.15-12.30 A Note from Michael Flower (Princeton University): Teaching the Anabasis in the 21st Century. Challenges and Prospoects 12.30-13.00 Discussion 13.00-13.15 Closing Remarks

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