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The Twelfth Annual Conference "New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region" - 10-11/10/2018, Jerusalem (Israel)




The 12th Annual Conference on New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region, will be held on October 10th and 11th, 2018. For over a decade, the conference - a joint venture of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University, has been the forum for presenting the newest findings and most up to date research on the archaeology of Jerusalem and its surrounding region.


FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 10-11/10/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO:  Springer Auditorium, Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel)Dan Wassong Auditorium Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Yitzhak Rabin Building, Mount Scopus Campus, Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) 









Wednesday, the 10th of October 2018, 19:30
Springer Auditorium
Israel Museum, Jerusalem

A special premiere in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Scholars discussing their latest findings

Opening remarks
Ido Bruno: Director, Israel Museum
Israel Hasson: Director, Israel Antiquities Authority
Doron Noiwirt: Director, Moriah – Jerusalem Development Corporation

Leah di Segni: The Emperor and the Abbot Build Jerusalem Haggai Misgav: Priests, High Priests and Sons of Priests
Yuval Baruch, Danit Levi and Ronny Reich: From Jerusalem to the Binyanei Ha'Uma Pottery Workshop

Thursday, the 11th of October 2018
Hebrew University, Mount Scopus Campus
Yitzhak Rabin Building, Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Dan
Wassong Auditorium

8:30     Gathering
9:00     Opening remarks
9:10     Yehiel Zelinger: Archaeology, Conservation and Development in
the IAA's Jerusalem District – 2017–2018

Session 1: Passing On the Message – Art and Ideology in Jerusalem, Session chair and discussant: Irit Ziffer
9:30     Tallay Ornan: Symbols of Yahweh: The Contribution of the Jerusalem Excavations
10:00   Nadav Na'aman: Respondent
10:10   Ido Koch: New Light on the Glyptic Finds from Late Iron Age Jerusalem and Judah
10:30   Ortal Chalaf and Asaf Ben-Haim: New Evidence of a Late Second Temple-Period Monumental Building West of the Temple Mount
10:50   Discussion
11:00   Coffee break

11:20   Presentation of Awards:
The David Amit Prize for Young Archaeological Scholars, Awards of the Ancient Jerusalem Research Center

Session 2: Of Internments and Interred: Form and Identity in Burials from Rome to Jerusalem and Back, Session chair and discussant: Lihi Habas
11:30   Daniela Rossi and Marzia Di Mento: The Catacombs of Villa
Torlonia in Light of Recent Conservation Works  (The lecture will be
given in English)
11:50   Yuval Baruch, Alexander Wiegmann, Amir Genach and Ronny Reich: On the Conservation of the Tombs and Documentation of the Temple Menorahs in Villa Torlonia, Rome
12:00   Kfir Arbiv, Yossi Nagar and Tehillah Lieberman: The Riddle Behind a Mass Burial in the Russian Compound
12:20   Orit Peleg-Barkat and Michael Chernin: At the Top of the Pyramid: A Pyramidal Funerary Monument at Horvat Midras
12:40   Amit Reem: On Death and Funerary Customs in Frankish Jerusalem
13:00   Discussion
13:10   Lunch break

A guided tour in English of the photographic exhibition "The Jewish Catacombs of Villa Torlonia, Rome" led by the photographers Jacobo
Brugioni and Raffaele Coniglio

Session 3: The Village People: On the Character of Jerusalem's Rural Landscape Throughout the Ages, Session chair and discussant: Aren
14:10   Omer Shalev, Naama Walzer and Yitzhak Paz: From City to Village: The Transition from the Early Bronze Age III to the
Intermediate Bronze Age in the Judean Shephelah – A View from Ramat
Beth Shemesh
14:30   Shua Kisielvitz, Sarah Tal, Benyamin Storchan and Sabine Kleiman: Closing the Gap: New Light on the Rural Settlement in the Judean Shephelah during the Transition from the Late Bronze to the
Iron Age
14:50   Yuval Gadot, Sivan Mizrahi, Liora Freud and David Gellman: What Kind of Village is This?: Structures and Agricultural Activity in Northwestern Jerusalem in the Seventh Century BCE
15:10   Meir Edrey, Inbal Samet and Adrian Boas: Khirbat er-Ram and the Frankish Agricultural Hinterland of the Church of the Holy
Sepulcher, Jerusalem
15:30   Discussion
15:40   Coffee break

Session 4: The Show Must Go On: The Theater and Beyond – New Studies on Aelia Capitolina, Session chair and discussant: Guy Stiebel
16:00   Joe Uziel, Avi Solomon and Tehillah Lieberman: News from the Theatre-Like Structure Beneath Wilson's Arch
16:10   Nahshon Szanton, Tehillah Lieberman and Moran Hagbi: From the Tyropoeon to the Tetra Nymphaeum: Renewed Building activities in Jerusalem from 70 CE and into the Second Century CE
16:30   Renan Baker: A Different Take on the Foundation of Aelia Capitolina: Rereading Old and New Sources
16:50   Avner Ecker: The Training and Assembly Ground (Campus) of the Tenth Legion: A Possible dentification North of Damascus Gate
17:10   Discussion

Session 5: The Many Names of Jerusalem: New Inscriptions, Session chair and discussant: Aaron Demsky
17:20   Ronny Reich, Yuval Baruch and Danit Levi: A New Inscription Mentioning Jerusalem Found on a Column at Binyanei Ha-'Uma, Jerusalem
17:40   Yoel Elitzur: The Meaning of the Name "Jerusalem"
17:50   Closing remarks


Unless otherwise stated, all lectures will be given in Hebrew


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