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Latin Texts on Papyrus: towards a Corpus (pars secunda) - 25-26/10/2018, Napoli (Italy)




FECHA/DATE/DATA: 25-26/10/2018


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici (Napoli, Italy)




INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE: Dato il numero esiguo dei posti disponibili, gli interessati sono pregati diinviare una richiesta motivata all'indirizzo entro il15 ottobre alle ore 12.



25 ottobre 2018
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, via Porta di Massa 1, Napoli

14:30  Institutional Welcome

Section I - Africa Proconsularis

14:45 Rodney Ast (University of Heidelberg): Ostraka from Vandal North Africa

Section II - Pars Orientis
15:30 Andrea Bernini (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): Different Texts from the Same Roll: the Case of P.Vindob. inv. L 1
16:15 Giulio Iovine (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): Burning the Evidence. Why did Rufio need his Papers Null and Void (P.Med. inv. 68.87)
17:00 M. Chiara Scappaticcio (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): Translating Babrius' fables in Latin (P.Amh. II 26)

26 ottobre 2018
Section III - Aegyptus
9:00 Ornella Salati (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): A Pay Record of Auxiliaries from Arsinoites (P.Berol. inv. 6866 A-B + P.Aberd. 133 + P.Sorb. inv. 2222: AD 193-196)

Upper Egypt
Oxyrhynchites (U19), Oxyrhynchos
9:45 Rodolfo Funari (Rome): A fragment from Sallust’s Historiae (P.Ryl. III 473: I AD)
10:30 Eleanor Dickey (University of Reading): Spices, not vegetables? An Oxyrhynchus glossary reconsidered (P.Oxy. XXXIII 2660a)
11:15 Hilla Halla-aho (University of Helsinki): P. Oxy. XLI 2951: Sale of a slave
12:00 Alessandro Garcea (Sorbonne Université) - M. Chiara Scappaticcio (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): A Late Antique Andria from Oxyrhynchus: readings and readers (P.Oxy. XXIV 2401)
12:45 Michele Pedone (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): Sofisticated layouts and inaccurate scribes: re-editing the Index to the first Code of Justinian (P.Oxy. XV 1814 – AD 529-534)

Lunch break

15:30 Dario Internullo (Roma Tre University): P.Lond. inv. 3124 (Bilingual Latin-Arabic Letter, 7thex-9th century). Editorial, Exegetical, and Historical Issues of a "Unicum"

Section IV - Italy
16:15 Gianluca Del Mastro (University of Naples ‘Federico II’): The first papyrus found in Pompeii

17:00 Discussion and Conclusions






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